1. Blue Nile by Alice Coltrane on Ptah, The El Daoud (UMG)
  2. Radiation (Lung Pollution) by Lil Ugly Mane feat. Supasortahuman on Mista Thug Isolation (self-released)
  3. A Grey Man by Ceramic Hello on The Absence of a Canary (Ice Machine)
  4. She Leaves Me All Alone by Fall of Saigon on Untitled EP (Dark Entries)
  5. General Confessional by The Electric Prunes on Release of An Oath (Warner)
  6. Rheinita by La Düsseldorf on Viva (Teldec)
  7. Salt by Pesteg Dred on Years of Struggle Against the Lies, the Stupidity and the Cowardice (Dark Entries)
  8. Cursed by 13th Chime on The Singles: 1981-1983 (Sacred Bones)
  9. Mother of Earth by The Gun Club on Miami (Extra Term Audio)
  10. Rise To Glory by Earth on The Bees Made Honey in The Lion's Skull (Southern Lord)
  11. Sansevieria by Green-House on Six Songs For Invisible Gardens (Leaving)
  12. Childhood's End by Minimal Compact on The Figure One Cuts (Crammed Discs)
  13. I Love You (Restrained In A Moment) by Royal Family and the Poor on The Temple Of The 13th Tribe (Gaia Communications)
  14. Drug (Bitter Pill) by Nox Novacula on Ascension (self-released)
  15. Experience by Minny Pops on Spark In A Dark Room (STEMRA)
  16. Vacuum by Gang Gang Dance on Saint Dymphna (The Social Registry)
  17. Ribs Out by Fuck Buttons on Street Horrrsing (Rainbow Drop)
  18. I'm The Devil by Lil B on 6 Kiss (Basedworld)
  19. Early 70s Gymnastics by Black Moth Super Rainbow on Start A People (self-released)
  20. Man'yo by Meitei on Kofu (KITCHEN)
  21. Leprosy by White Ring (Rocket Girl)
  22. Brain Wash by JK Flesh on New Religions Old Rules (Avalanche)
  23. Brighter by Cranes on EP Collection, Vol. 1 & 2 (Dedicated)
  24. Shatterin' Man Falling by Nurse With Wound on Live At Bar Maldoror (United Dairies)
  25. Blind Dumb Deaf by Cocteau Twins on Garlands (4AD)