Music for the Masses - with Guest Host Davey Bones!

Davey Bones of The Hanging Garden guest hosts. Mayhem ensues. Lots of goth tracks on this one.


  1. New Mexico by Oppenheimer Analysis
  2. Untitled by Marc and the Mambas on Untitled
  3. All Stood Still (12" version) by Ultravox
  4. I'll Tumble 4 Ya by Culture Club on Kissing To Be Clever
  5. Voyage, Voyage by Desireless
  6. Nobody's Diary by Yaz on You and Me Both
  7. My Secret Garden by Depeche Mode on A Broken Frame
  8. Dance With Me by The Lords of the New Church on Is Nothing Sacred?
  9. Looking Glass Girl by The Glove on Blue Sunshine
  10. Shadow of Love by the Damned on Phantasmagoria
  11. Love Song by Simple Minds on Sons and Fascination
  12. Love Like Blood by Killing Joke on Night Time
  13. Red Movies by Play on Red Movies
  14. The Strain by The Fixx on Shuttered Room
  15. Careless Memories by Duran Duran on Duran Duran
  16. Radio Silence by Thomas Dolby on Golden Age Of Wireless
  17. My Perfect Cousin by The Undertones on Hypnotized
  18. Hot Day by Hugo Largo on Mettle
  19. Giving Ground by The Sisterhood on Gift
  20. My Father by This Mortal Coil on Filigree and Shadow
  21. Ullyses by Dead Can Dance on The Serpent's Egg
  22. Tears (Original Arrangement) by The Chameleons on Strange Times (Bonus Tracks)
  23. That Smiling Face by Camouflage on Voices and Images
  24. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ultravox on Lament