Yo, I'll be brief...we're in recovery mode after a rager-and-a-half this Halloween.

Shout out to all that came through, it means the world and we had so much fun.

In today's epi, you'll hear my (Lon's) opening set, a DiscnoBandz (Kenny & I) B2B, and a spooky mix from Kennard: in that order.

Kick back (because we are)- or dance....uhh, or whatever the music compels you to do. We'll catch ya next week!



  1. #PROUDCATOWNERREMIX (feat. Rico Nasty) by xxxtentacion on ? (Deluxe) (Bad Vibes Only)
  2. Mirror Slave by Filmmaker on The Love Market (self-release)

    mixed with PROUDCATOWNER

  3. PAKISTAN (Produced By IV) by Eddy Baker on Vigilante (Healthy Boyz Corp)
  4. 2 wild for the world by Leshustler on DJ Squeeky Presents Tom Skeemask 2 Wild for The World (mo cheda)
  5. PAPER SQUARES by AΣTYTEKK on Worldwide Juke (Urban)
  6. Dirty Bounce by UNXST on ZONA de ISOLAMENTO V​.​A. I (ZONAexp)
  7. SO HIGH by DJ BITCHPLEASE on single (self-release)
  8. Batalt Afham 3ala Haly (بطلت أفهم على حالي) by TAAHLIYAH on Jupiter Rising 2020 (HUSS)
  9. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor by Activator on Autumn- EP (Edinet S.r.I.)
  10. Bodies Hit the Floor (feat. Killa Kyleon & Bun-B) by DJ Dirty Yella on La Familia 5: Texas Gang Massacre (La Familia The New Religion)
  11. Petro by Raider Klan on Tales From The Underground (Raider Klan Records, Inc)
  12. Lock Em in Da Trunk by DJ Zirk on Lock Em in Da Trunk (Da Album) (Sun City Publishing LLC)
  13. Redlights by Salem on King Night (IAMSOUND)
  14. Cellar Theme by NA on Cellar EP (FadeToMind)
  15. WAP (Syn's Well-Armed Proletariat Remix) by Syn on Single (self-released)
  16. Bubble (feat. Aliciai Harley) [Sully Remix] by DJ Zinc on Bubble (Remixes) (feat. Aliciai Harley) (Bingo Bass)
  17. MSMSMSM (Girl Tool Pulse Remix) by SOPHIE on single (Hyde Park Hi-Fi)
  18. Rave Casual by Anz on Evident Ware (Pt.02) (Sneaker Social Club)
  19. No Tell Motel by Vladimir Dubyshkin on The Botox Queen-EP (trip recordings)
  20. Super Future Illegal by DJ Frankie & Ray Monero on Mental Movie Theater (Bare)
  21. That's Right by StacEmp on single (self-release)
  22. Be Sensual Plz by Paco From The Planet P on single (self-released)

    Blended with the original track, Sexual Eruption by Snoop Dogg

  23. sexual by greenwald on single (self-release)
  24. Differences (Simlocked Emotional Break Edit) by DJ Simlocked on single (self-released)
  25. Bass Beat Bang by Amadeezy & Arm Record on International Chromies Vol.10 (International Chrome)
  26. Skinny Pimp(Bass Mix) by Amadeezy & KingPin Skinny Pimp on single (self-release)
  27. Asmr by Only Fire on Double Penetration (Only Fire)
  28. Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Edit) by Bapari on single (self-release)
  29. Send this bitch up by byrell the great on none (unreleased)
  30. Diamant LHB (WSH Flip) by Float aka White Sneaker Hermano on single (self-released)
  31. Cum Tru by Diff Lock on single (self-released)
  32. Elastic (MoMa Ready Remix) by zbdbt ft. prado on ELASTIC EP (Specials)
  33. 0361 Bass Connection by Turk Turkleton & Cyan 85 on Bounce Operators Vol. 1 (Habibi Bass)
  34. Ride That Thing by Amadeezy on East 2 West (Sound Transitions)
  35. U Just Wanna Be Funked by Jetson G on Ghettogether 2 (Planetaria Soundsystem)
  36. Bulletproof (babyheat edit) by La Roux on single (self-released)
  37. Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS Health) by Crystal Castles on Crystal Castles (Last Gang)
  38. Hard 2 Get, Gets Me Hard by T.Savage on single (self-released)
  39. Watching (ХАСКИ ghettotech rework) by KARAWAI on Watching (self-released)