Maniac Mansion


  1. White Trash Heroes by Archers of Loaf on White Trash Heroes (Alias)
  2. don't like by feedtime on feedtime (self-released)
  3. Songs for a Plague by Lolly Gaggers on Songs for a Plague (self-released)
  4. Not Living At All by Mr. Airplane Man (Live at Gonerfest 4) on Gonerfest 4 (Goner)
  5. Compulsion by Joe Crow on Compulsion (Cherry Red)
  6. Falling In by Goggs on S/T (In the Red)
  7. Look Like That by Sneaks on It's a Myth (Merge)
  8. Rights for Gays by John Maus on Love is Real (Upset the Rhythm)
  9. Moon Jelly by Big Long Now on Big Long Now (slef-released)
  10. A House on Fire by Traams on A House on Fire (Fat Cat)