Bean's World #5


  1. Dark Places by Brown Boy Magik on Trans Pacific Time (Nik Moon)
  2. Kokako by Samara Alofa on Earth Punk (Samara Alofa)
  3. Pua Maliu by Leao on Ghost Roads (Noa Records)
  4. Force Field by Kotiro (Kotiro)
  5. Keeping the Wolves From the Door by White Magic on Through The Sun Door (Drag City Inc.)
  6. Imagining My Man by Aldous Harding on Party (4AD)
  7. Something on Your Mind by Karen Dalton on In My Own Time (Light In The Attic Records)
  8. Engine by Jeff Mangum on Live at Jittery Joe's (Orange Twin)
  9. Don't Come Back by Tony Molina on Dissed and Dismissed (Slumberland Records)
  10. I Didn't Know (We Were Saying Goodbye) by Supercrush on SODO Pop (Don Giovanni)
  11. Sorry Again by Velocity Girl on Simpatico! (Sub Pop Records)
  12. Lucy by Helium on Ends With And (Matador Records)
  13. Resilience by Two White Cranes on For When The Future Rolls Around: Selected Songs (Antiquated Future)
  14. Tennessee by P.S. Eliot on Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Mind (Salinas Records)
  15. How It Feels by Joyride! on Half Moon Bay (Salinas Records)
  16. Fireworks by Radiator Hospital on Torch Song (Salinas Records)
  17. Still by Eve's Peach on Eve's Peach (Eve's Peach)
  18. Places We Go by The Softies on Holiday In Rhode Island (K Records)