Episode 4-Nov Ennui vs Alt Rock/Riot Grrrl/Queercore

Some cool songs to listen to when the holidays start to get on your nerves.


  1. Tuff Ghost by The Unicorns on Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone (The Unicorns)
  2. San Diego Zoo by The 6ths on Wasps' Nests (Universal)
  3. Carnival by The Cardigans on Life (Universal)
  4. Can't Hardly Wait by The Replacements on Pleased to Meet Me (Rhino)
  5. Minneapolis by That Dog on Retreat From The Sun (Geffen)
  6. Up on the Sun by Meat Puppets on Up on the Sun (Self Released)
  7. Start Choppin' by Dinosaur Jr. on Where You Been (Cherry Red)
  8. I Don't Want to Get Over You by The Magnetic Fields on 69 Love Songs (Merge)
  9. Working For The Man by PJ Harvey on To Bring You My Love (Universal-Island)
  10. Rest My Head Against The Wall by Heatmiser on Mic City Sons (Astralwerks)
  11. Fantasies by Rouge Wave on Asleep At Heaven's Gate (Universal)
  12. Close Call by Rilo Kiley on Under The Blacklight (Warner)
  13. Hanging on the Telephone by The Nerves on One Way Ticket (Alive Naturalsound)
  14. Skin Vs Head (Reprise) by The Woodworks on Unhealthy Decisions (Self Released)
  15. Those Damn Blue-Collar Tweekers by Primus on Sailing The Sea Of Cheese (Interscope)
  16. No 13 Baby by Pixies on Doolittle (4AD)
  17. Get Up by Sleater-Kinney on The Hot Rock (Sub Pop)
  18. She's My Ex by All on Allroy's Revenge (Cruz)
  19. Break
  20. Beat on the Brat by Sonic Youth on Master-Dik (Squeaky Squawk)
  21. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) by Garbage on Beautiful Garbage (Interscope)
  22. The Getaway by Pretty Girls Make Graves on Good Health (Self Released)
  23. Hella Nervous by Gravy Train!!!! on Hello Doctor (Kill Rock Stars)
  24. Ugly Cherries by PWR BTTM on Ugly Cherries (Self Released)
  25. Deceptacon by Le Tigre on Le Tigre (Mr. Lady)
  26. In Love With All My Lovers by Bratmobile on Ladies, Women and Girls (Simple Social Graces Discos)
  27. Nutrition by The Dead Milkmen on Big Lizard In My Backyard (Quid Ergo)
  28. Mermaid Pterodactyl by Playboy Manbaby on Electric Babyman (Self Released)
  29. Not Allowed by TV Girl on Who Really Cares (Self Released)
  30. The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (CYHSY)
  31. Private Idaho by The B-52s on Party Mix! (Island)
  32. Income Tax by P'tit Belliveau on Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Bonsound)
  33. Synthesizer by Electric Six on Fire (XL Recordings)
  34. I Love You by Beat Happening on Beat Happening (Domino)