1. Skanka by Hamdi on Skanka (Hamdi Recordings)
  2. Take My Picture by GINGE on Bummer (Gillionaires)
  3. On the Run by Kelela on On the Run (Warp Records)
  4. Do you miss me? by PinkPantheress on Do you miss me? (Warner)
  5. The Boat by Fabich on The Boat (Lisbai Music)
  6. you should stay right now by Jadu Jadu on you should stay right now (secret jadu)
  7. Look at U by Good Luck on Look at U (WITHINAGRAVE)
  8. Hold On by Taiki Nulight on Hold On (Orient Records)
  9. Caved In by Sicaria Sound on Binate (CONFiDANCE)
  10. Should be Fine by Weval on Changed for the Better (Technicolour)
  11. Pro Freak (with Doechii & Fatman Scoop) by Smino on Luv 4 Rent (Zero Fatigue)
  12. Money by Isslandi, Shay Lia on Money (Isslandi)
  13. DREAMER by The Blaze on DREAMER (Animal63)
  14. Lose My Mind (feat. Taylor Moody) by J. Worra on Lose My Mind (feat. Taylor Moody) (D4 D4NCE)
  15. Big Titties by Djanaba on Big Titties (Lab78)
  16. Coke & Rum by Moe Turk on Phosphorus (BEATZ)
  17. Waiting 4 You by Ekkah on Waiting 4 You (Future Disco)
  18. Shawty Don't Play by Ben Hixon, Stefan Ringer on Single (Dolfin)