So many boppers, so little time


  1. Sexy Dance by Masayoshi Takanaka on An Insatiable High (Kitty Records)
  2. TROPICAL BIRD by studio_dad, Siri Seiko on Single (Text Me Records)
  3. California Girl by Lo Knowles on Single (Self Release)
  4. Trippy Luv by Hot Flash Heat Wave & The Song Confessional on Trippy Luv (Self Released)
  5. Sweet Tooth by Girlscout on Sweet Tooth (Earth Libraries)
  6. Electric Wind by Sugar Candy Mountain on Electric Wind (We Speak Records)
  7. Unexpected Happiness by Mt Fog on Spells of Silence (Save The Forest For The Trees)
  8. Pinwheel by The Moondrops on Timelapse (Neon Bloodbath)
  9. Penny by dba james on single (IBGYBG)
  10. TOUGH GUY by The Band Ice Cream, Tino Drima on Play Dead (Self Release)
  11. Empty Head by frankie cosmos on Inner World Peace (sub pop)
  12. I Know This One by Sun Kin on Single (Veena)
  13. Holy Tonight by Goth Babe on Iceland (Self Release)
  14. Just Go Run by Derek Ted on Times Have Changed ($RZ&$)
  15. Runner's High by MUNA on MUNA (Saddest Factory)
  16. Runner by Alex G on Single (Domino)
  17. Running by Triathlon on Spin (Lex Records LTD)
  18. Bite The Hand by Thank You Come Again on single (self release)
  19. Rage by Medium Build on Single (self release)
  20. weekends by Field Medic on grow your hair long if you're wanting to see something that you can change (Run For Cover)
  21. Good Will Hunting Song by Hunny on Homesick (Epitaph)
  22. Better Days by Baseball Gregg on A Life Designed For Fun (Self-Release)
  23. Cool As A Cat by Alex Togashii on Single (Self Release)
  24. plastic pony by mxmtoon on rising (AWAL)
  25. SYNCOPATE by MICHELLE on Single (Atlantic Recording Corporation)
  26. Sapphire by Cal-A, Michael Sneed, ymtk on single (Free bread, Empire)
  27. Fingers of Steel by shame on single (Dead Oceans)
  28. All New Brutality by Shutups on I Can't Eat Nearly as Much as I Want to Vomit (Kill Rock Stars)
  29. Talks With Myself by The Haunts on Single (self released)
  30. One of those Days by Colony House on single (Roon)
  31. Venus in the Sea by Ha Vay on single (self release)
  32. California by Lana Del Rey on Norman Fucking Rockwell! (Polydor)
  33. I-90 by Sour Widows on I-90 (Exploding In Sound)
  34. New Feeling by Renny Conti on Single (Self Release)