Saturday Morning Soul Salvation


  1. Rainy Day Mushroom by Strawberry Alarm Clock on Incense and Peppermnts (Uni)
  2. Colored Sea by Velvet Meadow on Colored Sea (Celvet Meadow Records)
  3. Mama Roux by Dr. John on Gris Gris (Atco)
  4. Plea From the Soul by Phafner on Overrdrive (Dragon)
  5. I wanna Hold Your Other Hand by Brian Jonestown Massacre on Aufheben (Bomp)
  6. ROky Said by Dead Ghosts on Can't Get No (Burger)
  7. Lady Rachel by Allah-Las on Aquarium Drunkard's (Mexican Summer)
  8. Turn Around by Dungen, Woods on Myths 003 (Capitol Music Group)
  9. The Gun by Lou Reed on The Blue Mask (RCA)
  10. The Ballad of the Hip by Ultimate of Spinach on Ultimate Spinach (Capitol Music Group)
  11. And, Goodnight by Ty Segall on Freedom's Gobblin (Drag City)
  12. What's in My Head by FUzz on FUzz (In the Red)
  13. Right/Wrong by The Night Beats on Who SoldMy Generation? (Vanguard)
  14. Dilation by Satan's Pilgrims on Vinyl (MuSick)
  15. LSD and the Search by The Blue Angel Lounge on The Blue Angel Lounge (Atlantic Curve)
  16. Green Apple by Amanaz on Africa (Now-Again)
  17. Dark Sunrise by Rikki Llilonga on Dark Sunrise (Zambia Music Parlour)
  18. Control Freak by The Murlocs on Loopholes (ATO)
  19. Dandelion by July on July (Major Minor)
  20. Little Star of Bethlehem by CAN on Delay 1968 (Liberty)
  21. Keep It Heavy by Creme on Tricky Zingers (NA)