Boiler Room x Subculture Party Day 1 Recap - 05

This is my Boiler Room x Subculture Party Recap. I'm playing artists that performed day one of the two day event. It will mainly consist of hyperpop and electronic songs.


Pictured is the group Kumo 99


  1. Jack-Ten by Kumo 99 on Body N. Will (Pressure Signal Records)
  2. Temptation Stairway (Waltz Variation) by Metaroom (NOTHING WORLD)
  3. Ibitbt by 3l3d3p (none)
  4. Asmr by Only Fire on Double Penetration (Only Fire)
  5. SRS by Chase Icon (Fame Hooker Records)
  6. Taco Bell by That Kid on Crush (969852 Records DK)
  7. Kanpai by Alice Longyu Gao on High Dragon and Universe (Self-Released)
  8. I'm In Love (With You) (B4DFRi3ND Remix) by RYLO on I'm Everything!! (Loveshock via DMY)
  9. Replay - Dorian Electra Remix by Lady Gaga, Chris Greatti, Count Baldor on Dawn of Chromatica (Interscope Records)
  10. D.O.P.E by DJ Fingerblast on Off Me Nut Allstars, Vol.3 (Off Me Nut Records)
  11. Bang (My Body) by Chase Icon on The Girlfriend Experience (Fame Hooker Records)
  12. Full Throttle by That Kid on Superstar (Self Released)
  13. MAKE U 3 ME by Alice Longyu Gao on MONK (ALICE THE LABEL)
  14. plygrnd by 3l3d3p on PLYGRND (self released)
  15. DO U LIKE ME NOW? by Dana Dentata (Roadrunner Records)
  16. Death Tour by Death Tour on Blood Pact (Self Released)
  17. Boring by Lil Mariko & Full Tac (Four Loko Records)
  18. Encore (feat. La Goony Chonga) by Brooke Candy on Sexorcism (NUXXE)
  19. Hangar by 8485 on Plague Town EP (HELIX TEARS)
  20. Ur First Tattoo Was Animal by Hook (GC)
  21. Varroon by Kumo 99 on Body N. Will (Pressure Signal Records)