Ep 246: "Omni Commons"

Episode title "Omni Commons" refers to the Omni Commons community center in Oakland, whose Winter Drive runs through December 9, collecting essential resources for our unhoused neighbors: tents, sleeping bags, blankets, jackets, sweaters, beanies, hand warmers, batteries, toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size soaps, body wipes, deodorant, floss, hair brushes. Donations can be dropped off at 4115 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, follow @omni.commons on ig for info.

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  1. Grace by Cherry on Cherry (self released) Local
  2. Lumaby (feat. hrlum) by Mejiwahn on Beanna (Hot Record Societe) Local
  3. Father Time by Cage World on Printed on the Soul (self released) Local
  4. Contradiction by Ryann Gonsalves on Self-Titled (Discontinuous Innovation Inc.) Local
  5. Dragon's Blood by Godgifu on Book of Pain (self released)

    Local Wednesday at the Golden Bull: Godgifu/ Tunic (Winnepeg)/ Facet/ Cheree

  6. Talk Talk by Abracadabra on Shapes & Colors (Melodic)

    Local Saturday at Bandcamp Oakland: Abracadabra/ TEKE::TEKE (Montreal)

  7. Warm Launderette by Non Plus Temps on Desire Choir (Post Present Medium)

    Local Friday at Eli's Mile High Club: Non Plus Temps/ Flowertown/ Flamingos

  8. Half Yesterday by Flowertown on Half Yesterday (Mt.St.Mtn)
  9. Semester Late by Nimsins & Versâam on When Two Elephants Fight (self released) Local
  10. Same Wavelength // Different Timeline by Mayya on Infinite Possible Futures (Calar) Local
  11. Flying Napkins by Smile Too Much on Smile Too Much (Dandy Boy)

    Local Saturday at Stay Gold: Smile Too Much/ Share/ Wonderful Wonderful/ Magic User

  12. Call On Me by James Wavey on Butterflies & Kisses (self released)

    Local Thursday at Thee Stork Club: James Wavey & the Makeouts

  13. Sun Spracked Waste by Katsy Pline on No Peace in the Valley (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Golden Bull: Katsy Pline/ Perhapsy

  14. Woods by Perhapsy on Revenge of SADFAM (self released) Local
  15. Crawl by Pleeay on Every Body (self released)

    Local Thursday at El Rio: Pleeay/ Maya Songbird/ Step Children

  16. You Should Be Dancing by Maya Songbird on Cats From Venus (Psychic Eye) Local
  17. Fall Time by Baseball Gregg & Boy Romeo on Indoors (self released)

    Local Thursday at White Horse: Baseball Gregg (Stockton)/ Niki FM/ Softie

  18. Close to You by Niki FM on Naomi (self released) Local
  19. Doser by Softie on Strong Hold (Cherub Dream) Local
  20. Lightleak by There's Talk on Lightleak (Eternal Crush) Local