The Infinite Kaleidoscope 87 "Do Your Thing"

You are entering the Infinite Kaleidoscope. An hour where we can just close our eyes, drift off and forget about reality. Enjoy.


Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka, "Lilieae"

abracadabra, "talk talk" Watch the official video here!

Alvan Vega, "Video Babe"

Harald Grosskopf, "So weit, so gut"

Miaow, "Fate"

Holy Wave, "Sir Isaac Nukem"

Primal Wound, "Heavenly Fire"

Papercuts, "Lodger"

The Clean, "Do Your Thing"

Carla dal Forno, "Come Around"

Choir Boy, "Nites Like This"

Ernest Hood, "The Secret Place"

Dead Can Dance, "Severence"

Pauline Anna Strom, "Freedom at the 45th Floor"

Music under my voice: Chuck Johnson, "Labradorite Eye"


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  2. talk talk by abracadabra on Shapes & Colors (℗ 2023 Melodic) New Local
  3. Video Babe by Alan Vega on Saturn Strip (℗ 1983 Elektra Entertainment, manufactured and marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group company)
  4. So weit, so gut by Harald Grosskopf on Synthesist (40th Anniversary Edition) (℗ 2020 Bureau B)
  5. Fate by Miaow on When It All Comes Down (℗ 1990; 2002 Copyright Control)
  6. Sir Isaac Nukem by Holy Wave on Freaks of Nurture (℗ 2016 Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  7. Lodger by Papercuts on Past Life Regression (℗ 2022 Slumberland Records LLC) New Local
  8. Heavenly Fire by Primal Wound on Heavenly Fire - Single (self released) Local
  9. Do Your Thing by The Clean on Anthology (℗ 2003 Merge Records)
  10. Come Around by Carla dal Forno on Come Around (℗ 2022 Kallista Records) New
  11. Nites Like This by Choir Boy on Gathering Swans (℗ 2020 Dais Records)
  12. The Secret Place by Ernest Hood on Neighborhoods (℗ 2019 RVNG Intl. d/b/a Freedom To Spend)
  13. Severence by Dead Can Dance on A Passage In Time (℗ 1991 4AD Ltd)
  14. Freedom at the 45th Floor by Pauline Anna Strom on Trans-Millenia Music (℗ 2017 RVNG Intl.)
  15. Labradorite Eye by Chuck Johnson on Balsams (℗ 2017 Vin Du Select Qualitite) Local