"there is a sun inside my chest"


  1. Pythagoras by Sally Anne Morgan on Cups (Thrill Jockey)
  2. Tule Rush / Tule Mind by Andrew Weathers Ensemble on Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall (Full Spectrum)
  3. Patrick Shiroishi: Leaving It All Behind by Jessica Ackerley and Patrick Shiroishi on Across Water (Fallen Moon)
  4. Hornbeam by NYX & Laura Misch on Songs of Epping Forest :: Dreamscapes for Voice, Saxophone and Trees (NYX Collective)
  5. Lonesome Road by This Is How We Fly on Foreign Fields (Playing With Music)
  6. Part 5 by Matthew De Gennaro on A Guide For The Perplexed (Epigonic)
  7. Whoever You Are Come Forth by Kate Moore & Ashley Bathgate on Stories for Ocean Shells (Cantaloupe)
  8. Return To Portland by Lau on Midnight And Closedown (Reveal)
  9. Man by tunng on Tunng Presents... DEAD CLUB (Full Time Hobby)
  10. Sheehan’s Jigs by The Gloaming on The Gloaming 3 (Real World)
  11. Tuttle's by Jordi Savall, Andrew Lawrence-King on The Celtic Viol (Alia Vox)
  12. Archie Lindsay: The Old Woman's Dance / Donald MacLeod: The Skylarks's Ascension by Brighde Chaimbuel on The Reeling (River Lea)
  13. Julia Wolfe: Reeling by Bang on a Can on Field Recordings (Cantaloupe)
  14. Rusty D-con-STRUCK-tion by Ashley MacIsaac on Hi™ How Are You Today? (Ancient Music/A&M)
  15. The Day is Past and Gone (Variations), Extended Instrumental by Sarah Louise on Field Guide (Scissor Tail Editions)
  16. What Did the Hen Duck Say to the Drake? by Jake Xerxes Fussell on Good and Green Again (Paradise of Bachelors)
  17. Webster's Mood by Michael Garrick on Prelude to Heart Is a Lotus (Prelude to Heart is a Lotus)
  18. Gooseberry Rag by Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton on Wildflower Blues (Cinquefoil)
  19. Requiem for John Fahey by Gwenifer Raymond on You Never Were Much Of A Dancer (Tompkins Square)
  20. Are You Unloved? by The Years on Years (Arts & Crafts)
  21. Seven League Boots by Zoë Keating on Into the Trees (Deluxe Edition) (self released)
  22. Another Hike by Hauschka on A Different Forest (Sony)