Ep. 74 - "Woolgathering"

It is hard to believe that 2022 is just about over, and this episode marks the last Top Spin of a whirlwind year. I hope you are enjoying your holiday season and things are looking positive for the new year. Today's episode features a selection of iconic indie rock, including brand new songs from The Clockworks, En Attendant Ana, Spacemoth, Flipturn, Grapetooth, Foyer Red, The Veils, and more!


  1. Advance Notice by Worriers on Imaginary Life (Don Giovanni)
  2. No Limit Of Stars by The Veils (Ba Da Bing!) New
  3. Det Tar Did by Dungen on 4 (Subliminal)
  4. Etc by Foyer Red (Carpark) New
  5. Favorite Friend by Stove on 's Favorite Friend (Exploding In Sound)
  6. cross eyed by P.S. Eliot on 2007 - 2011 (Don Giovanni Records)
  7. Yellow Balloons by Grass Widow on Grass Widow (Make A Mess) Local
  8. Spilt, Spilt Milk by The Very Most on Congratulations Forever (Coming In Second)
  9. Elephant In The Room by Kynsy (self-released)
  10. Being by Sugar Candy Mountain on 666 (self-released) Local
  11. Shining by Grapetooth, Squirrel Flower (Polyvinyl) New
  12. Neon Undercarriage by The Joggers on Solid Guild (Startime International)
  13. Silver Leaf And Snowy Tears by Superchunk on Here's Where The Strings Come In (Merge)
  14. The Wait Is Over by Queen Of Jeans on Hiding In Place (Memory) New
  15. Easier Said by Sunflower Bean on Human Ceremony (Fat Possum)
  16. Blood On The Mind by The Clockworks (self-released) New
  17. Blown Out by Greys on Outer Heaven (Carpark)
  18. Internal World by Cloud Nothings on Life Without Sound (Carpark Records)
  19. You Miss The Point Completely I Get The Point Exactly by Harvey Danger on King James Version (Sire)
  20. Tree Chopped Down by Swirlies on Blonder Tongue Audio Baton (Taang!)
  21. Principia by En Attendant Ana (Trouble In Mind) New
  22. Ocean Of Wine by Helium on The Magic City (Matador)
  23. Country Song by The Courtneys on II (Flying Nun)
  24. Messes Of Men by meWithoutYou on Brother, Sister (Tooth & Nail)
  25. A Wooden Horse by Sea Power on The Decline Of British Sea Power (Golden Chariot)
  26. The Fall by Flipturn on Shadowglow (Dualtone) New
  27. Abundance of Pleasure by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church) Local
  28. Laments by Hop Along on Get Disowned (Hot Green)
  29. If I Close My Eyes And Pretend by Spacemoth on No Past No Future (Carpark) New Local