Saturday Morning Soul Salvation: New Years Eve Show


  1. Too Many Do by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy on Say Delight (Columbia)
  2. CAN by Don't Say No on Saw Delight (Warner)
  3. Dilation by Satan's Pilgrims on Psycploitation (Musik)
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeah by My Radio on Give Us The Sun (Columbia)
  5. Brexit at Tiffany's by Tess Parks on Do You Pay? (Fuzz Club)
  6. Sweet Thistle Pie by Cracker on The Golden Age (Virgin)
  7. Vacuum Boots by Brian Jonestown Massacre on Tepid Peppermint (Bomp)
  8. The Perfect Girl by The Cure on Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Polydor)
  9. Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy by Devo on Are We Not Men? (Warner)
  10. Sugar on My Tongue by Talking Heads on Talking Heads "77 (Sire)
  11. Alladin's Story by Death in Vegas on The Contino Sessions (Drone)
  12. Take Care to Comb Your Hair by Ty Segall on Pig Man Lives (Drag City)
  13. Trip #76 by The Deep on Psychadellic Moods (Cameo-Parkway)
  14. Ta Fardah by Paint on Spiritual Vegas (Fontana North)
  15. Switchback by Blase on Vertigo Valley (Animal 63)
  16. Do You by Ghost Woman on Ghost Woman (Full Time Hobby)
  17. Bondurant Women by Texas Gentlemen on TX Jelly (New West)
  18. Foggy Notion by Velvet Undergound on VU (RCA)
  19. Picking Tomatoes by Shocking Blue on Scorpio's Dance (Polydor)
  20. What's In My Head by FUzz on FUzz (The Red)
  21. Space Cadet by The Murlocs on Loopholes (ATO)
  22. Sisyphus by Andrew Bird on My FInest WOrk Yet (Righteous)
  23. Hurdy GUrdy Man by The Buthole Surfers on Piouhgd (Touch)
  24. Duke by Cate Le Bon on Mug Museum (Mexican Summer)
  25. I Couldn't Get High by The Fugs on First Album (ESP Disk)
  26. Strange by Wire on Pink Flag (Mute)