Calm 'n Cozy

This week went by so slow.

Enjoy some calmer- easy listening music.

May the music echo, no matter your location


  1. Back For More (feat. Maya Killtron) by Love Taps on Back For More (feat. Maya Killtron) - EP (Main Course)
  2. Nothing in Return by Monsune (Monsune)
  3. Uncle ACE by Blood Orange on Cupid Deluxe (Domino)
  4. Infinite Wave by Slugabed on Inherit the Earth (Activia Benz)
  5. All My Girls Like To Fight by Hope Tala (Jasmine Music)
  6. Toothache by Topaz Jones (Topaz Jones)
  7. It's About Who You Know by Kaidi Tatham on It's a World Before You (First Word Records)
  8. Treat Me Like Fire by LION BABE on LION BABE - EP (LION BABE)
  9. Lying Together by FKJ (Roche Musique)
  10. CELINE (feat. Kyu Steed & 6) by Amaarae on THE ANGEL YOU DON'T KNOW (Golden Child Entertainment)
  11. Gooey by Glass Animals on Zaba (Wolf Tone Limited)
  12. Intimidated (feat. H.E.R.) by KAYTRANADA on Intimidated - EP (KAYTRANADA)
  13. Escalator by Good Morning on Prize / Reward (Bedroom Suck)
  14. O.T.D. by Brad stank (untitled (recs))