1. Ballet of Apes by Brigid Dawson & THe Mothers Network on Ballet of Apes (Castle Face)
  2. Nine Lives by Dawn Riding on You're Still Here (The Long Road Society/ Speakeasy Studios SF)
  3. Can't Catch a Break by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Mental Picture (Speakeasy)
  4. Russian Doll by Gumby's Junk on Single (Self-released)
  5. Diabolical Hue by Wsabi Fox on Gushing (Floordoor)
  6. Junk Husband by Shame Waves on Shame Waves (Release Forms)
  7. Flamin' Hot Cheetos by Fuckwolf on Goodbye Asshole (Silver Current)
  8. Much Too Close by The Mona Reels on Without Love (Trauma Loom)
  9. Complicated by Rip Room on Alight and resound (Spartan)
  10. Baby Going Down by Nervous Gender Reloaded on Milking The Borg (Contemptus Mundi)
  11. Pumpkin musles by Diesel Dudes on Body Clench EP (Popgang)
  12. Get In Line by Chaki on The Water (Who Can You Trust)
  13. Rishi by Luke Sweeney on Rishi (Aerobic International)
  14. Marty by Randy Thomas & The Insecures on Randy Thomas & The Insecures (Fatal 3)
  15. I Do I Did I Don't by Whateverglades on Knock! Knock! (No Egrets)
  16. Revenge by Smirk, Iphigenia Karantzas, Bee Wright on Material (Feel It)
  17. Blood::Muscles::Bones by Street Eaters on Deep Cuts (John Mink)
  18. Something He Ate by Desoto Reds on Hanglide Thru Yer Window (Floating Man)
  19. Never Going Back To Petaluma by The Freak Accident on The Freak Accident (Alternative Tenticles)
  20. All Gas, No Brakes by Soy City Stranglers on All Gas, No Brakes (Soy City Stranglers)
  21. Carry Me Back Home by Greg Hoy & The Boys on The Special Party (Greg Hoy)
  22. Little Town Flirt by The Intelligence on Everybody's Got It Easy But Me (The Red Records)
  23. Wetness by Now on An Introduction to Now (Now Music)
  24. Yellow Flower by Mae Powell on Both Ways Brighter (Park The Van)
  25. Heavy by Fauxes on Heavy (Fauxes)
  26. Face In The Crowd by Treasvre on Stick The Knife In (Treasvre)
  27. California by Everyone Is Dirty on Dying Is Fun (Donut Time Audio)
  28. I Smoke Ants by Scary Scare on Single (Self-Released)