Ep 250: "You Want Another Slice"

Episode title is from the Trash Vampires song "GQP": "You want another slice/ gotta wait your turn." (bandcamp)

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  1. GQP by Trash Vampires on Atomic Rock Beach (self released) Local
  2. Velvet Pink Heart by Louie Elser on single (self released) Local
  3. Soft Spaces by Preschool (self released) Local
  4. Ladders by Galore on Blush (Paisley Shirt) Local
  5. La Poussée by Frank Ene on Cruel à l'amour (self released) Local
  6. Chance Encounters by Blues Lawyer on All in Good Time (Dark Entries) Local
  7. Lumaby by Mejiwahn, hrlum on Beanna (Hot Record Societe) Local
  8. Reading Palms with Mr. Chan by Sad Eyed Beatniks on Fruitful Corner (self released) Local
  9. Oh Henry! by Almond Joy on Oh Henry! (K Records) Local
  10. Jealous by Jacob Aranda (self released) Local
  11. No Haram by Nimsins & Versâam on When Two Elephants Fight (self released) Local
  12. My Favorite Painter by Children Maybe Later on What a Flash Kick ! (Sloth Mate) Local
  13. Possession by False Figure on Castigations (self released) Local
  14. Tied by Topographies (Funeral Party) Local
  15. Occam's Stupid Razor by Natasha Sandworms on No Magic (self released) Local
  16. Ride with You by Yogurt Brain on Vol. 4 (self released) Local
  17. Speed Dial by Buzzed Lightbeer (Self Release) Local
  18. Breakdown by India Sky on Somewhere Over the Mystic Moon (Ratskin Records) Local
  19. Death Threat by Lolly Gaggers on Death Threat/Size Queen split 7 (Turkey Baster)

    Local Friday at Eli's Mile High Club: Lolly Gaggers FINAL SHOW w/ Year of the Fist and Middle-Aged Queers.