Casually Crying - Episode 203 - Vagabon, boygenius, Blues Lawyer, Forth Wanderers

out of the storm and into calmer waters! hope you stayed safe and dry during the storm.


  1. Stormy Weather by Etta James on At Last! (UMG)
  2. Break
  3. O.K. Meet Me Underwater by Jay Som on Pirouette (Polyvinyl)
  4. Fool4U by freddyboy (Spirit Goth) New
  5. Featured Carpenter by Vagabon (Vagabon Music, LLC) New
  6. Featured $20 by boygenius on the record (Interscope) New
  7. Apple Tree by Why Bonnie (Keeled Scales) New
  8. Break
  9. Puddle Splashers by Cap'n Jazz on Anaphabetapolothology (Epitaph)
  10. Featured Nowhere to Go by Blues Lawyer (Dark Entries) New Local
  11. Days Were Golden by Sunny Day Real Estate on How It Feels To Be Something On (Sub Pop)
  12. The Hands by Joan Of Arc on A Portable Model Of (Epitaph)
  13. Artificial Light by Rainer Maria on A Better Version Of Me (Polyvinyl)
  14. Break
  15. Breathing Underwater by Metric on Synthetica (Mom & Pop Music)
  16. Hate Ya 2 by Boy Scouts on Free Company (Anti-) Local
  17. Featured Be My Baby by Forth Wanderers on Forth Wanderers (Sub Pop)
  18. You Really Mean It? by Peel Dream Magazine on Magic Is Pocketed (Slumberland) New
  19. Really Over by The Moondrops on Timelapse (Neon Bloodbath) Local
  20. Break
  21. Never Let Me Down Again (2006 Remastered) by Depeche Mode on Music for the Masses (Remastered) (Sire)
  22. Myself to Myself by Romeo Void on Warm, In Your Coat (Sony)
  23. Thin Air by Tanukichan, Enumclaw (Company) New Local
  24. Break
  25. Thanks For Listening by Diners on Leisure World (LAUREN) Local