ambient beginnings . air

ambient synth / italian 70s jazz-funk and film scores / space techno


  1. Golregen by Roedelius on Wenn der Südwind weht (Sky Records)
  2. In the Air by Michele Mercure on Eye Chant (RVNG)
  3. SHEEP by Hiroshi Yoshimura on Green (Light In the Attic)
  4. l8r h8r by Terekke on Improvisational Loops (Music From Memory)
  5. Blue Sands by Elysian Spring on Glass Sands (Despa)
  6. Mermaid by Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennet on KPM 100 Series: Synthesis (1974 KPM)
  7. In Mind by Sweet Enoughs on Marshmellow (Wondercore Island)
  8. Lady Magnolia by Pierro Umilani on To-Day's Sound (Right Tempo)
  9. Chaser by Pierro Umilani on Il Corpo (Right Tempo)
  10. Loving Tenderly by Stefano Torossi on Feelings (Caroseli Records)
  11. Flying High by Stefano Torossi on Feelings (Caroseli Records)
  12. Mahe by Piero Umiliani on La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna (Right Tempo)
  13. Souvenir by Maston, L'eclair on Souvenir (Innovative Leisure)
  14. Erika, Sequence 4 by Roberto Pregadio on Erika (Original Motion Picture SoundTracks) (Decca Records)
  15. A Beginning Dream by Triste on Meet Triste Janero (Verese)
  16. New Place by Eversines on New Place (Nous'klaer Audio)
  17. The Morning Song by Baldo on Saturdays Come and Gone (Permanent Vacation)