1. Adios Cowboy by El Blanco Nino on BLANCO'S CARE PACKAGE 2K21 (self released)
  2. Tamalito [Andres Soto Tribute] by Vitu Valera on T.W.G. Vol. 1 (Makinmovs X Matraca)
  3. Tribilin Sound by Peruvian Dream on La Cura (matraca X kriolla)
  4. Return 0 by Cashewcats on FOOTCORE COMPILATION 2 (Dochakuso)
  5. Voicemail by MVNG on Traxmex vol. 2 (Juke MX)
  6. The Whistle Song (Re-Directed) by Frankie Knuckles on The Director's Cut Collection (So Sure)
  7. MOVE YOUR BODY [The House Music Anthem] by MARSHALL JEFFERSON on Move Your Body (Trax Records)
  8. Good People (Director's Cut Signature Mix) - by Marko Militano on The Director’s Cut Collection (So Sure)
  9. Jack My Body by Stacy Kidd on Sounds of Chicago (House 4 Life)
  10. Before I'm Gone (R.I.P Acid mix) by Fast Eddie on Before I’m Gone (self released)
  11. Cafuringa by Vudufa on La Cura (Matraca & Kriolla)
  12. Work It by DJ Sneak on Sneaky Traxx (Defiant Records)
  13. knock knock by dj funk on pumpin’ trax ep (cosmic)
  14. who da fuk by DJ Debo on Freek 4 life (self released)
  15. BANG SKI ( GO TO THA MO ) JUKE VERSION 150BPM by STAK CHIP / DJ CHIP on Party Crack (self released)
  16. Move My Feet (Bang, Bang, Bang, Skeet, Skeet, Skeet) - by Sirr TMo Sama on #ONDATLP (self released)
  17. Like this by Jamming Gerald on Factory Trax (dance mania)
  18. 100 Of Dissin' You by Armando on single (warehouse)
  19. Jungle Zoo by Gant-Man on It’s About Time (Dance mania)
  20. Track Werk by Low End Theory on 3455 (Dance Mania)
  21. flash (paul johnson remixx) by green velvet on single (relief)
  22. Move it by Jammin Gerald on factory trax (dance mania)
  23. Pump Dat Hit by DJ Funk on single (self released)
  24. Groove Mode (Vertical Mix) by Quad on Beats and Basslines (dance mania)
  25. Rz by Quad on Beats and Basslines (Dance mania)
  26. CHILD ABUSE by DJ RASHAD on Let’s Go to the Mo (Clownhouse Muzik)
  27. telagraph it by DJ Slugo on ghetto classics (dance mania)
  28. Trax 4 da women by Traxmen & dj lil' tal on Flava in ya ear (dance mania)
  29. Falling by Abssys on single (self released)
  30. Show Me Love Jersey Club Remix Feat. DJ Jayhood by Mike Gip on single (self released)
  31. YAMA by Qosmiqu on T.W.G. Vol. 1 (Makinmovs X Matraca)
  32. Despues del Cuadro by DJ Quesadilla on Traxmex Vol. 2 (Juke MX)
  33. GIGANTE (feat. Welker Inkas Mob) by Mono Con Suerte on lima footwork (Matraca)
  34. 187 Homicide by RP Boo on Legacy (Planet Mu)
  35. Voodoo Man by Paveun on Juke World Order VOL 1. (Juke Underground)
  36. Park Avenue by Regal86 on Traxmex Vol. 3 (Juke MX)
  37. Ocarina by DJ Paypal on Fuck it More Muzik, vol. 2 (self released)
  38. Not alone by Jonás Sampaoli on T.W.G. Vol 1 (Makinmovs X Matraca)
  39. TRISTEZA by VELALUNA on single (self released) Local
  40. Favela Tek by CYBEREALITYライフ on Selected Juke Werkz, Vol. 1 (aeronema)
  41. Javiera 2020 by Regent Street on T.W.G. Vol. 1 (Makinmovs X Matraca)
  42. Kush Alarm by DJ SPINN, DJ MANNY, DJ TAYE on teklife VIP 2019 (teklife)
  43. Posi Vibes by DJ Hank on Traffic Control (Sophomore Lounge)
  44. Don't Care by Dr.100 on Lima Footwork (Matraca)
  45. Bang To The Funk by RP Boo on The Ultimate (Planet Mu)
  46. GOT2B by Christoph El Truento on LWMP18 (Cosmic Compositions)
  47. El Sonidito (QVO Juke Remix) by Hechizeros Band on single (self released)
  48. HEAD UP HIGH REMIX by SUCIA! Ft MANNY on single (self released)
  49. Nagina by Aladar on Traxmex Vol 3 (Juke MX)
  50. D.E.P. by DJ Televisa on Traxmex Vol 1 (Juke MX)
  51. Ártico by Beastie C on Traxmex Vol 2 (Juke MX)
  52. 21 Starkey by DJ ORANGE JULIUS AND DJ HANK on OJ & Henny (mall music)
  53. La Niña Fresa (M. Printzen Remix) by banda Machos on Bootwork Vol. 1 (Racoonin)
  54. Liar by DJ Phil on Teklife VIP 2020 (Teklife)
  55. Me Xhic Co by Eric Uh on Traxmex Vol. 2 (Juke MX)
  56. Nonbinarity by 黒皇帝 on FOOTCORE COMPILATION 2 (Dochakuso)
  57. 長靴を履いた長靴 by 空読無 白眼 on Footcore Compilation 2 (Dochakuso)
  58. 2Simple & 2Clean by DJ Taye on PYROT3K (SS) (self released)
  59. Macuahuitl by Trax BT on Traxmex Vol. 4 (Juke MX)
  60. Toca Aquela by Amor Satyr on Baile do Satyr #2 (Wajang)
  61. Pinger 5 by Sexapil on Pingers II (self released)