Episode 15 - A Bright Understanding

Morning y'all,

Got a country-heavy vibe for ya today. Thinking about death as just the thing that makes the grass grow. Sending so much love, today and every day <3




  1. Featured All At Once by Ryan J Raffa on 4 e and a (Ryan J Raffa) New
  2. Two Horses by Caroline Reese on Two Horses (Caroline Reese)
  3. ON Naming by MIkayla McVey on TIme Turns Everything (The Long Road Society) Local
  4. Mooring by North Americans on Lost Tracks (2018-2019) (Third Man Records)
  5. Featured country girl by Amelia Cry Til I Die on high on my own supply (amelia swain)
  6. Change by Sjowgren (Long Time Friend Discount)
  7. mary died a lover by Max Garcia Conover (Max Garcia Conover)
  8. Salvation Army by Harrison Whitford on Afraid of Nothing (Screwdriver Records)
  9. Brokedown Palace by Maya Elise on The Way I Say Your Name (Maya Elise) Local
  10. I Need To Be Alone by Jack Symes on Tompkins Park (Jack Symes)
  11. Daisy by Charlie Martin on Imaginary People (Grand Jury Music)
  12. Featured The Creek Beneath the Street by Katsy Pline on No Peace In the Valley (Katsy Pline) Local
  13. H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line on Dig Your Roots (Big Machine Label Group)