Who Got The Juice with Taraneh

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses heavy themes, including self-harm and un-aliving oneself. Listener discretion is advised; this discussion happens during the second hour of the show.

Howdy folks!

Despite the jarring disclaimer, we are excited to have our pal and techno DJ/ producer, Taraneh, on to talk about their new EP, KMS Juice.

At face value, the acronym stands for "Killer Music Style-" but the ominous, three track NO BIAS release left us with questions... so we're here to dig into it's context and inspiration: sonically and culturally.

On this show we champion vulnerability, and we are grateful to our guests listeners, and platform that make it safe to speak candidly.

Taraneh's project and Lower Grand Radio show are linked in the show notes. <3

Lon & Kenny


  1. Doomride by Buckethead on Giant Robot (Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
  2. Welcome to Bucketheadland by Buckethead on Giant Robot (Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
  3. Break
  4. Drowning In My Sleep by Taraneh on KMS Juice- EP (NO BIAS)
  5. Where We Know by Taraneh on KMS Juice- EP (NO BIAS)
  6. God is Love by Taraneh on KMS Juice-EP (NO BIAS)
  7. Break
  8. Afrogermanic by Underground Resistance on Interstellar Fugitives (Underground Resistance Productions)
  9. Digital Tsunami by Drexciya on Harnessed the Storm (Tresor)
  10. Partly Sunny by Nite Fleit on Steel City Dance Discs, Vol. 7 (Steel City Dance Discs)
  11. No Cars Go by Maxence Cyrin on Novö Piano (Kwaidan Records)
  12. It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door by Underoath on They're Only Chasing Safety (Tooth and Nail)
  13. Dearly Beloved (Forest Memory) by Yoko Shimomura on Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack (Walt Disney)
  14. Bail-E by Mr. Ho & Mogwaa on Eu li-EP (Klasse Wrecks)
  15. Hidden Land (feat. Raj Mahal) by Ninajirachi on Second Nature (NLV Records)
  16. Tekno Bass by DJ Karawai on Barnaerobics Va (Planetaria Music)