Ep. 80 - "Marplot"


  1. I Am the River by Lael Neale on Star Eaters Delight (Sub Pop) New
  2. Breathe by Budge (self-released) New
  3. Animated Airplanes Over Germany by Superchunk on Here's Where The Strings Come In (Merge)
  4. Undercovers On by Rival Schools on United By Fate (Mercury)
  5. Timorous Me by Ted Leo And The Pharmacists on The Tyranny Of Distance (Lookout!)
  6. An Old Familiar Scene by Elf Power on Back To The Web (Rykodisc)
  7. Starry Configurations by Jets To Brazil on Orange Rhyming Dictionary (Jade Tree)
  8. Lowered Rainbow by Pile (Exploding In Sound) New
  9. Half-Heart by New Candys on Stars Reach The Abyss (Foolica)
  10. Invisible Darlings by Avey Tare on 7s (Domino) New
  11. In The Night by Floatie on Voyage Out (Exploding In Sound)
  12. Don't Give Up by Tanukichan (Company) New Local
  13. Swampy by Dry Cleaning (4AD) New
  14. Canada by Low on Trust (kranky)
  15. Postman by Saint Etienne on Good Humor (PIAS)
  16. Ping Pong by Stereolab on Mars Audiac Quintet (Rhino/Elektra)
  17. Cape Henlopen by Bad Moves on Untenable (Don Giovanni)
  18. Telepathetic by Slotface on Telepathetic (Propellar/Nettwork Music Group)
  19. Lose You by Bully, Soccer Mommy (Sub Pop) New
  20. Apache Figurines by The Joggers on With A Cape And A Cane (Startime International)
  21. Swing (In A Dream) by Squid (Warp) New
  22. The Best You Can Believe In by The Drones on Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By (self-released)
  23. Cosmic Rays by Helium on The Magic City (Matador)
  24. All Our Base Are Belong To Them by The Books on Thought for Food (Tomlab)
  25. Sit Down, Let Me Tell You A Story by Deerhoof (Joyful Noise) New Local
  26. The Teeth Collector by Pretty Girls Make Graves on The New Romance (Matador)
  27. Back To Gray by The Thermals on Fuckin A (Sub Pop)
  28. Busy by Jawbreaker on Unfun (Blackball) Local
  29. Sinatra Drive Breakdown by Yo La Tengo on This Stupid World (Matador)