Ep 256: "Buckle Up Baby"

Episode title "Buckle Up Baby" refers to the brand new single by Marika Christine (bandcamp), who plays Bottom of the Hill Wednesday with Mae Powell and Analog Dog.

Tamarack Oakland is a bar/restaurant collective that puts on great live music, has a great lending library, and supports numerous food projects and pop-ups. But their oven is broken! Their gofundme is still $500 short, if you can please support them here.

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twitter: @iluvmondaysWill
email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. VENT by Ovrkast. (self released)

    Local Wednesday at Brick and Mortar: Do More Presents a Bay Area Rap Experience: Ovrkast./ Demahjiae/ Michael Sneed

  2. 16 by Demahjiae on *guiding light (self released) Local
  3. Bad Idea by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (Carpark Records)

    Local Thursday at Bottom of the Hill: Madeline Kenney/ Stephen Steinbrink/ Kristine Leschper (Philadelphia, fka Mothers)

  4. Bad Love by Stephen Steinbrink on Utopia Teased (Western Vinyl) Local
  5. Buckle Up Baby by Marika Christine (self released)

    Local Wednesday at Bottom of the Hill: Marika Christine/ Mae Powell/ Analog Dog

  6. Light Beam by Mae Powell on Both Ways Brighter (Park The Van) Local
  7. Earth to Mike by Spiritual Cramp on Here Comes More Bad News (Industry Standards)

    Local Thursday at Brick & Mortar: Spiritual Cramp/ Aluminum/ Rxk Nephew (Rochester NY)

  8. Red & Gold by Aluminum on Windowpane EP (Dandy Boy)
  9. Hoping No One Notice by Mahawam on Is an Island (Molly House)

    Local Sunday at Great American Music Hall: Mahawam/ Spellling/ Pride Month Barbie

  10. The Future by SPELLLING on The Turning Wheel (Sacred Bones) Local
  11. Won't Be Comin' Back by Black Thumb on 2020 (self release)

    Local Saturday house show: Black Thumb/ April Magazine/ Whitney's Playland/ Cindy

  12. Drowner 16th by April Magazine on Losing You (Radical Documents) Local
  13. Rain Song by Whitney's Playland on Sunset Sea Breeze (Paisley Shirt/ Meritorio)
  14. Thin as Flags by Cindy on Typical Girls Vol. 6 (Emotional Response) Local
  15. Necromancer by Chammeili on Necromancer (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Golden Bull: Chammeili/ Plum/ Echolyptus

  16. Shirt Off by Plum (self released) Local
  17. Something Happy by Torrey on Something Happy (self-released)

    Local Sunday at Brick & Mortar: Torrey/ Maggie Gently/ Sobs (Singapore)

  18. Worried by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh)
  19. Makeup by Warp on Traffic Control (Thrilling Living)

    Local Friday 5pm at Benders: Warp/ Maya Songbird/ Shame Waves

  20. Disco Bill by Maya Songbird on Cats from Venus (Psychic Eye) Local
  21. Ghost Life by Shame Waves on Shame Waves (Release Forms) Local