1. SMS (feat. Kedr Livansky) by Ушко (Club Cringe) New
  2. Portal by Toxe on The Story Of Leonora (OST) (PAN) New
  3. Sound Gathering Trip by Khotin on Release Spirit (Ghostly International) New
  4. Runoff by Andrew Osterhoudt on Out Together (Geographic North) New
  5. The Clocktower at the Beach (1979) (Excerpt 2) by William Basinski on The Clocktower at the Beach (1979) (LINE) New
  6. Blue Car by Joanne Robertson on Blue Car (AD 93) New
  7. Extraordinary Moments III by Mike Cooper on Extraordinary Moments @ Hotel Palenque (Room40) New
  8. A4 by Kassem Mosse on Workshop 32 (Workshop) New
  9. Kandy by Fever Ray on Radical Romantics (Mute) New
  10. Dedicated two by Bianca Scout & Bradley Creswick on The Heart of the Anchoress (First Terrace) New
  11. Maybe This Time by Jura Quartet & Arve Henriksen on Maybe This Time (Jura Quartet) New