Indierockgirl Radio - 2.26.23

The best new indie rock tunes, just as the name implies!


  1. Silhouettes by Orions Belte on Silhouettes (Jansen)
  2. Out for Magic by Death and Vanilla on Out for Magic (Fire)
  3. All I Can Do by Wax Machine on Hermit's Grove (Bartow)
  4. Pingpxng by Yin Yin on The Rabbit that Hunts Tigers (Bongo Joe)
  5. Tell Me More by The Tempters on Sixties Japanese Psych (ODL)
  6. Nati Bati Yi by The Spiders on Monster a Gogo (ODL)
  7. Alright by The Pebbles on First Album (Sympathy for the Music Industry)
  8. Easy Ryder by Ty Segall, White Fence on Hair (Drag City Records)
  9. Tired by Sugar Candy Mountain on 666 (We Speak)
  10. Orange Light by Cool Ghouls on A Swirling Fire B (Empty Cellar Records)
  11. Loopholes by The Murlocs on Loopholes (Flightless)
  12. Astral Man by The Nude Party on The Nude Party (New West)
  13. Lazy Bones by WITCH on Witch (Burning)
  14. Mr. Polydactyl Cat by Levitation Room on Headspace (Greenway)
  15. Remember Me by Tame Impala on Sundown Syndrome / Remember Me (Modular)