Bean's World #11


  1. Messages from the stars by The Rah Band on Past, Present, & Future (Shocking Music)
  2. Rip It Up by Orange Juice on Rip It Up (Domino)
  3. Murphy's Law by Róisín Murphy on Róisín Machine (Skint)
  4. Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac on Tango in the Night (Warner Records)
  5. We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart on Frantic Romantic (Arista)
  6. Crush On You by The Jets on 7 Inch (MCA)
  7. Lemon Firebrigade by Haircut 100 on Pelican West (Arista)
  8. All I Need Is Everything by Aztec Camera on Knife (Dartmill Ltd)
  9. Ain't Nothin Going on But Rent by Gwen Guthrie on Good to Go Lover (Island Records)
  10. I Need Somebody to Love by Sylvester on Stars (Concord Music Group)
  11. Darling Come Back Home by Barbara Mason on I Am Your Woman, She Is Your Wife (Unidisc)
  12. Mother Nature's Bitch by Okay Kaya on Watch This Liquid Pour Itself (Jagjaguwar)