Black Girl Joy Episode 117

Featuring Annahstasia, Lagrace,Senseless Optimism and more!


  1. Untamed by Annahstasia (Sacred Bull)
  2. What You Did by Hannah Jadagu (Sub Pop)
  3. Done by Senseless Optimism (SOIndependent)
  4. pawnshop by Kara Jackson on pawnshop (September Recordings)
  5. right now by Mora Michelle on ordinary (tiredeyes)
  6. Little Mermaid by ash tuesday (Self-Released)
  7. Wild Thought by Dark Bardo, Shungudzo (Pop Can)
  8. buzzin by Dua Saleh (AGAINST GIANTS)
  9. VEHICLE by Halima (One Percent Genuis)
  10. Color in Your Cheeks by Ibibio Sound Machine on SIngle (Merge)
  11. Technicolor Love by Dreamer Isioma, redveil (AWAL Recordings)
  12. Flowers in the Garden by Danae on Good Fruit (Self-Released)
  13. BLU by LA NIÑA, Mysie (Columbia)
  14. Imagination by Charles Stepney on Step on Step (International Anthem)
  15. Good Life by Otis Kane, CLAY (Otis)
  16. The Promise by La'Verne Washington (Melodies international)
  17. All Night Long by Fallon Jennings on For the Love of You, Vol. 2 (Athens Of The North)
  18. Bad Company by Yazmin Lacey (Own Your Own)
  19. (Please Don't) Leave Me Now by Madison McFerrin on Single (MADMCFERRIN MUSIC)
  20. Water My Heart (feat. Mereba) by, Mereba on Single (Leola LLC)
  21. Meikai by Mansur Brown on NAQI Vol. 2 (AMAI)
  22. Circle Back Around by Jayda G on Single (Ninja Tune)
  23. All I Got by Lagrace on Single (Self-Released)
  24. HOT LOVE by DEBBY FRIDAY (Sub Pop)
  25. Good Soul by Pamputtae, M3 (Boss Musyk)
  26. Certified Freak by GLO on Single (Self-Released)
  27. Frozen by Tamera (AWAL Recordings)
  28. The Spiral by Theon Cross, Ahnansé, Afronaut Zu on Intra-I (New Soil)
  29. Face Front by Alika on Single (Ground Up)
  30. Shore Apart by Gayance, Raveen on Mascarade (Rhythm Section International)
  31. So Glad by Fingers Inc. on Another Side (Alleviated Records and Music)