1. At Home by Slow Pulp on Single (self-released)
  2. Natural by Shelly on Shelly (Orange Hill)
  3. Come And Play In The Milky Night by Stereolab on Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night (Elektra)
  4. Turn The Other Cheek by Jay Som on Turn The Other Cheek (Polyvinyl Records)
  5. Girls by Deep Sea Arcade on Outlands (Ivy League)
  6. It Sends My Heart Into A Spin by Vanishing Twin on Choose Your Own Adventure (Soundway)
  7. Macka Yollari by Altin Gun on Yol (Glitterbeat)
  8. Crimewave by Crystal Castles on Crystal Castles (Lies Records)
  9. Red World by Vitess on Red World (Up the Stuss)
  10. Proper Motion by Cosmic G, Lars on Club Unity (Haws)
  11. Offensive Username by Bliss Inc on Radiant Reality (Magicwire)
  12. Picanya 2400 by KETTAMA on Picanya 2400 (Steel City Dance Discs)
  13. Time to Dance - Sebastian Remix by The Shoes on Time to Dance (GUM)
  14. Pacific Tech by Abdul Raeva on Club Unity (Haws)