transfiguration #280 jam pony mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Trying To Chill (Finally Off Work) by 4d. on Tender Buttons (Hot Record Societe)
  2. Early Bird (feat. Morriarichi & Morriarchi) by Lean Low & DJ Dubplates on Pay It No Mind 2 (Bad Taste)
  3. FALL BACK by CLIP on FALL BACK - Single (AWAL Recordings)
  4. TRADE by Hawa on HADJA BANGOURA (4AD)
  5. Back On Da Flo by NAPPYNAPPA on +Sum+ (MHCORP)
  6. L.F.L by gh0st on 呪文 (My Pet Flamingo)
  7. SouthSideSuperhero by Sideshow on SouthSideSuperhero - Single (10k)
  8. Through to You by Sustrapperazzi on Rationale (Astral Black)
  9. Freak Like This (Vocal) by Sensational & Planteaterz on The Pearl (NAFF)
  10. ALL I WANNA by Dastardly Kids on Delinquent (FXHE RECORDS)
  11. Opposite Side of a Bad Day by They Hate Change on Now, And Never Again (Deathbomb Arc)
  12. Wav.Theory by JGoo on I Don't Think People Like Me (Hidden Oaks Records)
  13. Halfbaked by B-Side & ØDYSSEE on Inner Life (We Run This)
  14. Time (feat. Skyzoo) by Philmore Greene on The Survival Scroll (One of One Music Group)
  15. Ring of Fire by WADE DAO on A Wild Dance of Flame (self released)
  16. 48 (feat. Pink Siifu) by Maxo on 48 (feat. Pink Siifu) - Single (Def Jam Recordings)
  17. Tostones En Harlem by Nimsins on Tostones En Harlem - Single (SINSBLFE)
  18. Conflicted (feat. D-Lee) by Spote Breeze & OG Jarin on Cascade Viewing (Hot Record Societe)
  19. Myth Uva' Man by NAPPYNAPPA on Wifinap (MHCORP)
  20. Each Ain't 2 Same (feat. THE03) by Badge Époque Ensemble, Lammping & O.C. on Clouds of Joy: Chance of Reign (Telephone Explosion Records)
  21. Who You Love? by GF Anon on Who You Love? - Single (Live '94 Recordings)
  22. Beneath the Visage by YUNGMORPHEUS & Theravada on Up Against the Wall; a Degree of Lunacy (Bad Taste)
  23. For All Those Who Never Hear It Proper (Outro Chop) by Pure Wicked Tune on Rare Groove Blues Dances & House Parties, 1985​-​1992 (Death Is Not The End)
  24. Loved by BABEFAKE on Loved - Single (self released)
  25. 𝕄𝕪 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕖 by Farragol on Simply Dates (self released)
  26. bemine by Knxwledge on HX.24 (self released)
  27. fallen by waterfront dining on drown (Naughty Night)
  28. 夜の抱擁 by Maykretch on 中​世​の​メ​ロ​デ​ィ​ー (Doki Doki Beats)
  29. Heavenly Body by RAVEN on Silken Melodies (VAGUETRACKS)
  30. 1-4-TONI by Onra on 1-4-TONI (NBN)
  31. LEATHER&LIPSTICK by 猫 シ Corp. on LUXURY GIRLS (猫 シ Corp. 'Selected Works') (Geometric Lullaby)
  32. Love It Mane by Lean Low & DJ Dubplates on Pay It No Mind 3 (Bad Taste)
  33. Fitness by HiTech, Milf Melly & King Milo on HiTech (FXHE Records)
  34. Shes's Gotta Attitude by FULLBODYDURAG on Shes's Gotta Attitude (FXHE Records)
  36. So Kutty by Eighty9s on We Dont See the Same (self released)
  37. Dream Big (Based Freestyle) by Lil B & The Basedgod on The Frozen Tape (Basedworld Records)
  38. No Parasites (Lickshot!) by Seekersinternational on No Parasites (Sneaker Social Club)
  39. Waiting For a Day That Will Never Come by Pan!c Pop on Goodbye, 5O 5Oon... (Nightfall Records)
  40. Dreamer by BABEFAKE on Purple Bizon (self released)
  41. s t a y w i t h m e by synchro//start on 永​遠​の​愛 [Redux] (my pet flamingo)
  42. TONIGHT by LE//SP on LATE NIGHT DELIGHT [DELUXE] (my pet flamingo)