1. Featured Math of You by Caterina Barbieri on Myuthafoo (light-years) New
  2. Featured Prang (feat. Huerco S.) by Perko on Prang / Sisu (Numbers) New
  3. Lame Line by Piper Spray & Lena Tsibizova on Leaving Memory (Impatience)
  4. Marmite by µ-Ziq on 1977 (Planet Mu) New
  5. One Hand Washes the Other by Ahem on Ahem (Housecraft)
  6. INFINITE SHITE by Shit and Shine on 2222 and AIRPORT (The state51 Conspiracy) New
  7. Infer (Jake Muir's Sewer Mix) by Gaze on Itch (Lovers Rock) New
  8. Teatro Romano Di Tuscolo by Abul Mogard on Random and Emblematic: The Sound of Space (Modern Obscure Music) New
  9. Featured Anxiety by Tim Hecker on No Highs (Kranky) New