w/ joel mixtape

Joel from the Talkies and DSTVV joins me for a back to back song switch off


  1. Orange Appled by The Cocteau Twins on Love's Easy Tears (4AD)
  2. I Only Said by My Bloody Valentine on Loveless (Sire)
  3. Burning Bridges by Wire on Wire (Pink Flag)
  4. Falling And Laughing by Orange Juice on You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 11 (Geographic North)
  5. Worship You by Colleen Green on Milo Goes To Compton (Art Fag)
  6. Fan The Flames by SHEER MAG on --
  7. Black/White by Vexx on Vexx 7 (Kartoga Works)
  8. School Of Thought by Yukiro Takahashi on --
  9. Ancient Mystery by The Mice on --
  10. It's Fashion by Girls At Our Best! on Pleasure (Rdeg)
  11. Smile by Christina on --
  12. Girlfriend by The Modern Lovers on The Modern Lovers (Rhino Records)
  13. Edge of the Universe by Bee Gees on Main Course (Warner)