New Vibes w/@Jon_Digital - Episode 40 04/29/23

Whole lotta love. Wear headphones.


  1. For Your Life by Led Zeppelin on Presence (Atlantic Records)
  2. Vitus by Al Wootton on Vitus EP (Optimo Music Digital Danceforce) New
  3. 20190724 by Mac DeMarco on One Wayne G (Mac's Record Label) New
  4. 20190724 2 by Mac DeMarco on One Wayne G (Mac's Record Label) New
  5. Kamikakushi (神隠し) by Mark Barrott on Jōhatsu (蒸発) (Reflections) New
  6. El Camarón (DJ Babatr Remix) by Matias Aguayo on El Camaron (Remixes) EP (Cómeme) New
  7. Brujo by National Health on National Health (Charly Records)
  8. Strange Love by EABS & Jaubi (Jaubi & Astigmatic Records) New
  9. Tunic (Song for Karen) by Sonic Youth on Goo (Geffen Records)
  10. The Rider (Not the Horse) by Matthew Herbert & London Contemporary Orchestra (Modern Recordings) New
  11. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? by Frank Zappa & The Mothers on Roxy & Elsewhere (UMG)
  12. headstrong gunner by aldn (Simple Stupid Records/Geffen Records) New
  13. True love (feat. 070 Shake) by Christine and the Queens on PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE (Because Music) New
  14. My Fingers by Brad on Shame (Brad LLC)
  15. Break
  16. Toast by Blawan on Dismantled Into Juice EP (Ternesc) New
  17. No More Lies by Thundercat & Tame Impala (Brainfeeder) New