Tuff Signals 84


  1. Alone by Traumahelikopter on I Don't Understand Them At All (Burger Records)
  2. She Can't Be Wrong by Vision on Inertia (Burger Records)
  3. Lunatic​ Shadow by The Rangoons on A Postcard From Rangoon Island (PARADISE DAILY)
  4. Windwaker by Grubs on It Must Be Grubs (Reeks of Effort / Tuff Enuff Records)
  5. NEEDLES In The Camel's Eye (eno cover_) by Telegram. (Pledge Music)
  6. Stay the Night by Big Air on Don't Care (Forged Artifacts)
  7. Life Stinks by Sulphur Lights on Life Stinks/Drink Piss 7 (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  8. Made in the Shade by The Hussy on Galore (Southpaw Records)
  9. The Upper Hand by Destruction Unit on Negative Feedback Resistor (Sacred Bones Records)
  10. Dirty Blonde by Ten High on Cable Vision (Self Released)
  11. Get Up, Get Out by Timmy's Organism on Get Up, Get Out (Third Man Records)
  12. What's a Heminger? by Hemingers on What's a Heminger? 7 (Magnetic South)
  13. I'm not Alone by The Parrots on Weed for the Parrots (Luv Luv Luv Records)
  14. Cold Shapes by Best Friends on Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane. (Fat Cat Records)
  15. Prozac by Monos que se Ríen on Panty Pantera (Discos Humeantes)
  16. The Historian by Martha on Split with Benny The Jet Rodriguez (Self Released)
  17. Why Wait by Shopping on Why Wait (Fat Cat Records)
  18. Conformity In The U.K. by Suburban Homes on Conformity In The U.K. b/w Television Spies (Total Punk Records)
  19. To Build a Fire by Wild Raccoon on Mount Break (Howlin' Banana Records)
  20. Sleep Talk by Diet Cig on Sleep Talk​/​Dinner Date 7 (Father/Daugher/Art Is Hard)
  21. Name That Thing by Chumped on Teenage Retirement (Anchorless Records)
  22. We Grow Small by Guppy on We Grow Small, We Grow Stupid (Skeletal Lightning)
  23. Do You Still Hate Me (Jawbreaker) by Upset on '76 (Lauren Records)
  24. Castle Greyscale [MASTER FIRST PASS] by Cowtown on Castle Greyscale (FatCat Records Demo)
  25. Cold Shoulder by Treehouse on Gathering the Dreams (Plumb Stop)
  26. Opinión de mierda by Los Punsetes on LPIV (CANADA)
  27. Piezas Sobrantes by Antiguo Régimen on Politica de Tierra Quemada (Discos Humeantes)
  28. Brain Disease by THEO VERNEY on Brain Disease EP (Mount Olympus Recordings)
  29. Bigger Bolder by Love Is All on Two Thousand And Ten Injuries (Polyvinyl)
  30. Summer by The Lemons on Cherry Lemonade (Self Released)
  31. Don't Let Go by The Funs (Self Released)
  32. I Can't Find My Keys by Snooty Garbagemen on Snooty Garbagemen (12XU)
  33. Three Pears by Black Fruit on She (Self Released)
  34. Tall, Tall Mountain by Le Tour on Terra Eyes (Self Released)
  35. Bed Bugs by Atlantic Thrills on Bed Bugs 7 (Self Released)
  36. Shampoo by Barreracudas on Can Do Easy (Oops Baby Records)