Extra Toppings 09.19.2014


  1. No Future/No Past by Cloud Nothings on Attack On Memory (Carpark)
  2. I Want Out by So Cow on The Long Con (Goner)
  3. The Face Of The Earth by The Dismemberment Plan on Change (DeSoto Records)
  4. Science Has No Soul by Vitreous Humor on Posthumous (Crank!)
  5. Alchemy by Rainer Maria on Ears Ring (Polyvinyl)
  6. Nothing by The Jazz June on Breakdance Suburbia (Initial Records)
  7. Less Than Nothing by I Hate Myself on 4 Songs (No Idea Records)
  8. Constant Nothing by Joyce Manor on Constant Headache
  9. Break
  10. Nothing Feels Good by The Promise Ring on Nothing Feels Good (Jade Tree)
  11. Nothing This Time by One Car Pile Up on The First Crush Compilation (Thick As Thieves)
  12. Nothing To Do With Me by Stereolab on Sound-Dust (Elektra)
  13. Take The Picture Now by Mineral on The Power of Failing (Crank!)
  14. Please Shut Off The Lights by Knapsack on This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now (Alias Records)
  15. Dressing Cold by Texas Is The Reason on Do You Know Who You Are? The Complete Collection (Revelation Records)
  16. Frostbite by Sunfactor on The Emo Diaries Chapter Five: I Guess This Is Goodbye (Deep Elm Records)
  17. Tearing In My Heart by Sunny Day Real Estate on The Rising Tide (Time Bomb Recordings)
  18. Look, I Just Don't Like You by Piebald on We Are The Only Friends We Have (Big Wheel Recreation)
  19. So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went Back To Bed by Snowing on I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted (Count Your Lucky Stars)
  20. Fair Trade by Tiny Moving Parts on Old Gray/Tiny Moving Parts (Dog Knights Productions)
  21. Bruise-Blue by Sunday's Best on Poised To Break (Polyvinyl)
  22. Trouble Found Me by Hop Along on Get Disowned (Hot Green)
  23. Waiting While Under Paralysis by Elliott on If They Do (Initial Records)
  24. Every Time I Try by that dog. on Retreat From The Sun (DGC)
  25. Can I Be Yr Deadbeat Boyfriend by Dads on Pretty Good (6131 Records)
  26. Sitting In The Smoking Lounge Of An Airport With A Broken Heart by Carissa's Wierd on Ugly But Honest: 1996-1999 (Hardly Art)
  27. Another Way Out by Far on Water & Solutions (Immortal Records)
  28. Serious Business by United Nations on The Next Four Years (Temporary Residence Ltd)
  29. Tacoma Narrows by Ethel Meserve on The Milton Abandonment (Tree Records)
  30. The Burden Of Reflecting by Saetia on A Retrospective (Level Plane Records)
  31. Survival Of The Fittest by Desaparecidos on Read Music | Speak Spanish (Saddle Creek Records)
  32. In Light Of This Evening's Events by Inside on My Funeral (Redwood Records)
  33. What's Wrong by Reggie & The Full Effect on Greatest Hits '84 - '87 (Second Nature Recordings)
  34. Concession Speech Writer by Their / They're / There on Their / They're / There (Polyvinyl)
  35. I'd Die To Know You by Unwound on Kid Is Gone (Numero Group)