1. Featured Sword by Ana Roxanne & DJ Python on Natural Wonder Beauty Concept (Mexican Summer) New
  2. Deceiver by claire rousay & Helena Deland on Deceiver (Mexican Summer) New
  3. Extra Redundant by Rezzett on Boshly (The Trilogy Tapes) New
  4. Featured Empty Leather Spell by Property on Water Temple (Alter)
  5. Featured 2019-2020-5 (live) by Svetlana Maraš on Live performance 2019 - 2020 (-OUS) New
  6. Sisu (feat. Cucina Povera) by Perko on Prang / Sisu (Numbers) New
  7. Featured Swirls of You by Caterina Barbieri on Myuthafoo (light-years) New
  8. River by Elisabeth Klinck on Picture a Frame (Hallow Ground) New
  9. A Dream in Hibernation by Aria Rostami on Allegory (Phantom Limb) New
  10. My Brother (Is a Star) by Croatian Amor on A Part of You in Everything (Posh Isolation) New
  11. Urn Stare by X or Size on Covert Id (Good Morning Tapes)