ASITA 23 Aug 2015


  1. In Silence by The Acorn on Vieux Loup (Paper Bag)
  2. Equinox by Aloha on Light Works (Polyvinyl)
  3. Highest Point On The Island by State River Widening on Early Music (Rocket Girl)
  4. The Air in Time by Rachel Grimes on The Clearing (Temporary Residence)
  5. I Hear...Goodnight by Low And Dirty Three on In the Fishtank (Konkurrent)
  6. Westworld by Valley Of The Giants on Valley of the Giants (Arts & Crafts)
  7. Once Hardly Known by Eric Pietras on Beams (Aural Films)
  8. When Morning Steals The Sky by Tristeza on Are We People b/w When Morning Steals the Sky - 7 (Tiger Style)
  9. Elevation by Windy & Carl on Consciousness (Kranky)