Partially Ripped No 3


  1. Jefferson Angel by Eat Skull on Where'd You Go EP (Volar)
  2. Ride The Tiger by Doug Hream Blunt on Gentle Persuasion
  3. Cheese And Onions (Rutles Cover) by Galaxie 500 on Uncollected (Rykodisc)
  4. Burnout by The Scientists on Blood Red River (Au Go Go)
  5. Asking For Too Much by The Hussy on Galore (Southpawrecs)
  6. Dum De Dum by Sleaze on Sleaze
  7. Dear Dr. Doom by 13th Floor Elevators on Bull of the Woods (International Artists)
  8. Right Hand by Ghetto Ghouls on COLLISIONS (Monofous Press)
  9. Dream Baby Dream by Angel Corpus Cristi
  10. Eloise by Royal Headache on Royal Headache (R.I.P Society)
  11. White Sweater by Romeo Void on Warm, In Your Coat (Columbia)
  12. Clean It Glen by W-X on W-X (Castle Face)
  13. Imperial Motors by Lives Of Angeles on Elevator To Eden (Dark Entries Records)
  14. Wait For you by Death Valley Girls on Death Valley Girls (Burger)
  15. Eurobot by Dice Parks on Dice Parks (Night-People)
  16. Mates Rates by Ausmuteants on Ausmuteants (HoZac Records)
  17. Uh Bones by Everyday Kille on Honey Coma (Randy Records)
  18. Poison Ivy by The Ukiah Drag on The Ukiah Drag (Wharf Cat Records)
  19. Garbageman by The Cramps on Songs The Lord Taught Us (IRS)
  20. I Got Soul by Andy Human and the Reptoids on Andy Human and the Reptoids (SS Records)
  21. Why Wait? by Shopping on Why Choose
  22. Smokescreen by Desperate Bicycles
  23. Photographs of Naked Ladies by Toy Love on Toy Love (Flying Nun)
  24. From the Nursery by Wire on Chairs Missing (Harvest)
  25. Memphis Tenessee by Silicon Teens
  26. Everything is Sentimental by Drab Majesty on Careless (Daise Records)
  27. Only You by Wax Idols on American Tragic (Collect Records)
  28. Wait For You by Death Valley Girls on Death Valley Girls (Burger)
  29. T.S.A.T.S. by Jay Arner on T.S.A.T.S. (Mint)
  30. Submarine Gold by The Holydrug Couple on Moonlust (Sacred Bones)
  31. Hamilton Road by Ducktails on Hamilton Road (Olde English Spelling Bee)
  32. In Spite of These Times by Close Lobsters on Foxheads Stalk This Land (Enigma)
  33. On The Beach by Lower Plenty on Life/Thrills (Bedroom Suck)
  34. Soon to Be, Won't To Be by Diane Coffee on Everybody's a Good Dog (western.vinyl)
  35. Ordinary Girls by English Singles on English Singles (Slumberland)