transfiguration #290 soft mountains mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Untethering by Sea Oleena on Untethering - Single (Cascine)
  2. All I Ever Needed by Jonny Nash on All I Ever Needed - Single (Melody As Truth)
  3. Make It Easy by Gossimer on Mountain Misery (Anxiety Blanket Records)
  4. Distant Charms by Alexander Painter on Distant Charms - Single (self released)
  5. Seahorse Tranquilizer (feat. Dan Bejar) by Fresh Pepper on Fresh Pepper (Telephone Explosion Records)
  6. Ordinary Time by The Zenmenn & John Moods on Hidden Gem (Music From Memory)
  7. The Speed of Sound! by Jonah Yano on Portrait of a Dog (Innovative Leisure)
  8. Ashes, Ashes by Meg Baird on Furling (Drag City)
  9. Window (feat. Julia Holter) by Old Fire on Voids (Western Vinyl)
  10. Signal by Laura Veirs on Found Light (Expanded Edition) (Raven Marching Band)
  11. Thoughts on Blooming Things by Christian Winther on The Clearing (Fysisk Format)
  12. Over the Dune (feat. Bing & Ruth) by Steve Gunn & David Moore on Let the Moon Be a Planet (feat. Bing & Ruth) (RVNG Intl.)
  13. Garden Song by Rose City Band on Garden Party (Thrill Jockey Records)
  14. I Miss You by Tresa Leigh on I Miss You - Single (self released)
  15. Floating Gardens by Tan Cologne on Earth Visions Of Water Spaces (Labrador Records)
  16. Mind by Pastel Dream on Too Much Too Fast (self released)
  17. Wednesday by Cindy on Why Not Now? (Mt.St.Mtn.)
  18. Blue Car by Joanne Robertson on Blue Car (AD 93)
  19. Morning Sun (feat. Z.A.M.P.A) by Karen y Los Remedios & Z.A.M.P.A on Morning Sun (feat. Z.A.M.P.A) - Single (self released)
  20. Moon On Your Back (feat. Nick Schofield & Alexia Avina) by Best Fern on Earth Then Air (feat. Nick Schofield & Alexia Avina) (Youngbloods)
  21. Agreeing for Two (feat. Alabaster Deplume) by Rozi Plain on Prize (Memphis Industries)
  22. Whatever Fits Together by Skullcrusher on Quiet the Room (Secretly Canadian)
  23. 1E&A by Ben Sloan & Madeline Kenney on 1E&A - Single (New Amsterdam)
  24. Life Man by JFDR on Museum (Houndstooth)
  25. Dream from the Deep Well by Brigid Mae Power on Dream from the Deep Well (Fire Records)
  26. Sweetspot by Mess Esque on Mess Esque (Drag City Records)
  27. Ladder by Cloth on Secret Measure (Rock Action Records)
  28. Falling Apart Without You by quickly, quickly on Easy Listening (Ghostly International)