1. That Kind Of Girl by All Dogs on Kicking Every Day (Salinas)
  2. The Prick by Dogs On Acid on Dogs On Acid (Jade Tree)
  3. Rome by Dog Day on Concentration (Outside)
  4. Dammit Pomegranate by A Giant Dog on Bone (Tic Tac Totally)
  5. The Combo by Ought on Sun Coming Down (Constellation)
  6. Hey Little Sister by Fist City on Everything Is a Mess (Transgressive)
  7. I Sold Myself In by Burning Airlines on Mission: Control! (DeSoto)
  8. Dogsbody by Philadelphia Collins on Derp Swervin' (Exploding in Sound)
  9. I Have Been With Hubert by Verst on Starship Crash (Self-released) Info
  10. On Your Word by Pie on Strictly Seance (Big Top)
  11. @ The Playa Del Rey by Richard Bitch on The Really Really Jeff Hair People (Cream Cloud)
  12. Starship Crash by Verst on Starship Crash (Self-released) Info
  13. Broken Lines by Cold Beat on Into the Air (Crime on the Moon)
  14. Heavy by Infinity Girl on Harm (Topshelf)
  15. Dying All The Time by Helen on The Original Faces (Kranky)
  16. Sun by Crescent on Now (Atavistic)
  17. The Expanding Flower Planet by Deradoorian on The Expanding Flower Planet (Anticon)
  18. The Yabba by Battles on La Di Da Di (Warp)
  19. Alphabet by Dilute on Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape (54 40 Or Fight!)
  20. Kicker by Alex G on Beach Music (Domino)
  21. Kodiak by Ultimate Painting on Green Lanes (Trouble In Mind)
  22. Summer St. by Throwing Muses on Red Heaven (Sire)
  23. Colors Radiate by Camera Shy on Camera Shy (Run For Cover)
  24. Melatonin by Fake Palms on Fake Palms (Buzz)
  25. Output by Looming on Nailbiter (No Sleep)
  26. Arnica by Mavis Piggott on You Can Be Low (Flydaddy)
  27. Molly by Palehound on Dry Food (Exploding In Sound)
  28. Awhileaway by Yo La Tengo on Stuff Like That There (Matador)