Episode 5


  1. Was There A Teardrop by Rosie and Retta on Maddox Brothers and Rose (Columbia Records)
  2. Petrified Cloud by Mitch Stahlmann on Into the Wish (Mondoj) Local
  3. Raft 21- Guayaquil to Tully by Mike Cooper on Rafts (Room40)
  4. Out of Mind by Mikayla McVey on Time Turns Everything (The Long Road Society) Local
  5. Wild Geese by Mary Oliver on American Primitive (Back Bay Books)
  6. Excuse Me for Living by Bonnie Owens and the Strangers on All of Me Belongs to You (Capitol Records)
  7. Beauty Drone by Catch Prichard on Beauty Drone (Anxiety Blanket Records) New Local
  8. Cop City Will Never Be Built by Hippie Mace on Unreleased (Self-released) Local
  9. Requiem for John Fahey by Gwenifer Raymond on You Were Never Much of a Dancer (Tompkins Square)
  10. The World Just Broke My Heart by Charley Crockett on Music City USA (Son of Davy)
  11. Drip Drops by Sam Scranton on Body Pillow (Moon Glyph) New
  12. Skylark by The Fleetwoods on Come Softly to Me: The Very Best of the Fleetwoods (Capitol Records)
  13. Crying Steel Guitar Waltz by Jean Shepard on Honky Tonk Heroine (Capitol Records Nashville)
  14. Wetlands by Suss on High Line (Northern Spy)
  15. A Short Life of Trouble by Jean Ritchie on Singing the traditional songs of her Kentucky mountain family (Warner Music Group)
  16. San Francisco is a Lonely Town by Linda Martell on Color Me Country (Real Gone Music Group)
  17. Walk Together by Raum on Daughter (Raum/YELLOWELECTRIC)
  18. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad by Elizabeth Cotten on Freight train and other North Carolina folk songs and tunes (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)
  19. Flights of Fancy by Maggi Payne on Ahh-Ahh (Aguirre Records) Local