6/28/2023 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. West Coast Chill by Yaahn Hunter Jr. on Summer Tape (yhuntermusic) New Local
  2. The Falling by SIPPRELL on Peace In The Madness (Self Release) New
  3. Come With Me feat. Germaine by Mikey Alfred on Single (Illegal Civilization) New
  4. Moon by Gabby Zacara, Himalia on Single (Trinity Tones) New
  5. Can't Stop feat. Elsa by THE CODE on Single (Self Release) New
  6. Time and Time by Jacci McGhee on Single (McGhee Music/MucMuk) New
  7. Slow Dancing by Kenyon Dixon on Single (Self Release)
  8. Warm by Barney Artist on Single (Self Release) New
  9. All I Feel by Bertholet on Single (Joeri Ritzen Records) New
  10. Best I'll Ever Be by Orion Song, Avacie on Single (Orion Song Music) New
  11. Digits (feat. Magna Carda) by Grace Sorensen on Single (Self Release)
  12. I Know Better by MileHi on Single (Self Release) New
  13. Learn To Love by Isadora on Single (Self Release)
  14. Unbroken by J.O.Y on Forbidden Fruit EP (Self Release)
  15. Leave Your Heart by Hailey Smalls on Single (Self Release) New
  16. like this. by Thomas Ng on Single (Warner Music) New
  17. Relax Your Mind by YUNA on Y4 (YRR/Independent)
  18. Glide by JJAD on Single (Self Release) New
  19. Who Am I by NOXZ on Things We Feel (Self Release) New
  20. Don't Fall Out Of Love feat. Ne-yo by Jhonnie Blaze on Single (Vonkrishna Entertainment)
  21. Magnetic by Yo Trane on Single (Self Release) New
  22. Gotta Be You by Kennedy Rd. on Wave of Love 3 EP (Self Release)
  23. Twilight by Brian McKnight Jr. on More Than A Lover (CareAboutTheSound/HLG) New
  24. Sumn Real by Alexis Brooke on Love Sick EP (Self Release)
  25. Broken Promises by Tay Iwar on Summer Breeze (CoolSweat/Believe UK) New
  26. Run Me Dry by SAFE on Single (Bando Recordings) New
  27. El Cielo by Thilo on Heaven/El Cielo EP (Better Together Entertainment)
  28. Sintonia by Immasoul on Single (EMPIRE) New
  29. After Party feat. Destin Conrad by Austin Millz on Single (Ultra Records LLC) New
  30. Give It To Me feat. Raven J by 4 Korners on Single (Self Release)
  31. Take You There by V. Cartier on Frequency (Self Release)
  32. Leave it Behind by AMAKA on Single (Venice Music)
  33. Vibe feat. JImin of BTS by Taeyang on Single (THEBLACKLABEL)
  34. Ooh Wee by Raheem DeVaughn on The Summer Of Love (New Era Soul Records/DMG) New
  35. Know It's Wrong by Skylar Stecker on Single (Self Release)
  36. Lettin' Go by Reggie Becton on Sadboy, Vol. 1 (ONErpm)
  37. Tell Me Is It Worth It by Lina Nikol on A Mood Called (Stereofox)
  38. Waves At Night by Zmeyev on Single (urbanudergrounds) New
  39. On The Street feat. J. Cole by J-Hope of BTS on Single (BigHit Music)
  40. They Don't Cry feat. Sara Diamond by Kwon on Single (PayDay Records, Inc)
  41. World Gon Crazy by Brandon Brown on Single (Brandon Brown Entertainment)
  42. Satisfaction by Reuben James, Roy Ayers, CARRTOONS on Champagne KIsses (Rufio Records) New
  43. Known Mystery by Nico Harris, Nate on Single (Radio Juicy) New
  44. Jazz Cafe (GCL Theme/Outro) by D.Brax on 330 (Self Release) Local