Covid Cult #47 - Haru Nemuri, Headache, Echo & bunnymen, Double Virgo


  1. yoruwooyoideta by Haru Nemuri on Harutosyura (perfect music)
  2. yumewomiyou by harunemuri on harutosyura (Perfect Music)
  3. kisses by Slowdive on Single (Dead Oceans)
  4. Verónica Pass by R. Missing on veronica pass (terminal echo)
  5. Between by Bay Ledges on Not Now Maybe Never (Self-Released)
  6. The Efferusphere - bay ledges version by Big wild, bay ledges on single (big wild / opposition)
  7. Darkness, Darkness (feat. William Tyler) by Kieran Hebden on single (psychic hotline)
  8. Morning Prayer by Kieran Hebden, Steve Reid on exchange session (domino)
  9. The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen on Ocean Rain (Sire Records)
  10. Back In Flesh by Wall Of Voodoo on Dark Continent (IRS)
  11. Kicked out by Seven by Double Virgo on eros in the bunker (plz make it ruins)
  12. No Sweat by Double Virgo on eros in the bunker (plz make it ruins)
  13. You Shatter by Sweeping Promises on Single (Feel It)
  14. Headache album preview by Headache on The head hurts but the heart knows the truth (plz make it ruins)
  15. Lips Like Sugar by Echo & the Bunnymen on 7 (Sire)
  16. LA Hills Burn At The Peak Of Winter by Croatian Amor on The World (Posh Isolation)
  17. Second Skin by The Chameleons on Script Of The Bridge (MCA)
  18. Swamp Thing by The Chameleons on Strange Times (Polydor)