transfiguration #293 buck moon rising mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Healing Waters by Angelo De Augustine on Toil and Trouble (Asthmatic Kitty Records)
  2. Rudy by Geomag on Angel (Pearsoll Peak)
  3. Welcome by Early Fern on Perpetual Care (metron records)
  4. River Turns Woodley (for Frogman) by M. Sage on Paradise Crick (RVNG Intl.)
  5. Sympathy by Alexander Painter on Alexander Painter (self released)
  6. Cycles by Jan Soutschek on Cycles (YNFND)
  7. Ditto by Jonny Nash on Ditto - Single (Melody As Truth)
  8. Unified Force by Mårble on 1691 (DiG Records)
  9. Dopa Yepa (feat. Jon Iverson) by Prins Emanuel, Golden Ivy & Inre Kretsen Grupp on Jon Iverson Meets Prins Emanuel, Golden Ivy & Inre Kretsen Grupp (feat. Jon Iverson) (Séance Centre)
  10. L'aube Éternelle by Delphine Dora on As Above, So Below (Recital)
  11. Amok by Natalie Rose LeBrecht on Holy Prana Open Game (American Dreams Records)
  12. Tristan by Theodore Cale Schafer on Trust (Students Of Decay)
  13. Improvised Lullaby by Eva Lunny on Sonics & Meditations (Bella Union)
  14. Barcarolle (for piano) by Saloli on Ghosts: Music For Piano vol. 2 (kranky)
  15. 雨宿 ama-yadori by ironomi on himorogi (KITCHEN. LABEL)
  16. If You Leave Something Behind by Christopher Bear & Daniel Rossen on Past Lives (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (A24 Music)
  17. La Flute d’Hector (Interlude) by Lucía Fumero on La Naissance De La Mer (Modern Obscure Music)
  18. Ee-Nni-Aa-Ssa by Kaukolampi on Inside the Sphere (Optimo Music)
  19. Dreamy by Hania Rani on On Giacometti (Gondwana Records)
  20. Morning Song - Azen Islands (Radio) by Spencer Doran on SEASON: A letter to the future (Original Soundtrack) (RVNG Intl.)
  21. Cicadas by Gia Margaret on Romantic Piano (Jagjaguwar)
  22. Bonum (feat. Golden Ivy) by Inre Kretsen Grupp on Raoul (Fasaan Recordings)
  23. Sabena by Greg Foat & Gigi Masin on Dolphin (Strut Records)
  24. Circular Path by Ayami Suzuki & Carlos Ferreira on Umbilical (Healing Sound Propagandist)
  25. Ver a Través de tus Ojos by Estrella del Sol & Mabe Fratti on Figura de Cristal (felte)
  26. Room Of Mirrors by Nimu on Picture in Picture (Ilian Tape)
  27. Tidal Love Conversation in That Familiar Golden Orchard (Edit) by Andy Bell & Masal on Tidal Love Conversation in That Familiar Golden Orchard - Single (Sonic Cathedral)
  28. Residuals by J. Albert, Will August Park & J. Albert Meets Will August Park on J. Albert Meets Will August Park (29 Speedway)