The Episode where I dont have a guest and I just talk and play music


  1. Still Sleepless by DJ Cosworth on COS 01 (Self Released)
  2. escapism by elkka on harmonic frequencies (Technicolour)
  3. bias by floating points on crush (Ninja Tune)
  4. pretending by sophie on Oil of Every Peal's Un-Insides (MSMSMSM/Future Classic)
  5. Daydream by G Jones on Paths (Illusory)
  6. Drum Cloud by Nikki Nair (Self Released)
  7. 160 DOWN THE A406 by SHERELLE on Single (Self-Released)
  8. home by two shell on home (mainframe audio)
  9. Options by ivy lab (Press Play)
  10. Gone Too Soon (Sully Remix) by 2 Bad Mice on Gone Too Soon EP (Sneaker Social Club)
  11. noticed I cried by PinkPantheress on To Hell with It (Parlophone)
  12. 1 Million Breaks by AceMoMA on A Future (Self Released)
  13. Tokyo Dawn by Doc Scott on Earth, Vol.1 (goodlooking)
  14. Jungalist by Congo Natty on This is Jungle (New State)
  15. Past Time by Willo on Past Time EP (Eclectic)
  16. Cloudy (Kelbin Remix) by Daphni (Self Released)
  17. Rush by Glimji & jamesjamesjames (Headroom)
  18. 93_laserdome by Gemi (Self Released)
  19. parabolica by Monolithic (Mechanical)
  20. It's Been Done by Banksia (Electric Mode)
  21. She Got Me On by Paul Johnson (TDR LTD)
  22. Mi Yoyo by Limit Blau (Klase Wrecks)
  23. World Is Empty by Skream & Jansons on World Is Empty (Rockstar Records)
  24. Walk & Serve by Sage Introspekt (Self Released)