5 worm -- WELCOME TO THE CITY or SF is like NYC is like something something something

city bands like no other bands ya


  1. Punk City USA by Warp on Automatic Gratuity (Self-Released) New Local
  2. Break
  3. Dairy Queen (How To Win Friends Version) by The Dwarves on How To Win Friends & Influence People (Self-Released) Local
  4. AAEEAA by JEROMES DREAM on The Gray In Between (Iodine Recordings) New Local
  5. Hangman by The Tunnel on Shudder (Self-Released) New Local
  6. I Can't Fucking Sleep by Surprise Privilege on IThird Album (Self-Released) Local
  7. Francine's List by Pink Section on Pink Section (Superior Viaduct) Local
  8. Boystown by Inflatable Boy Clams on Inflatable Boy Clams (Superior Viaduct) Local
  9. Smoke by George Crustanza on Billionaire Blastoff (Phat 'n' Phunky Phonics) Local
  10. PETRIFIED by Fentanyl on DEMO II (Industry Standards) Local
  11. Regression by Hafner on Neapolitan Sunset (Self-Released) New Local
  12. Broken Mirrors by The Circulators on S/T (Willow House Records) Local
  13. (you're my) radio one by henry's dress on henry's dress s​/​t (Slumberland Records) Local
  14. Break
  15. Get The Muni Driver (Sick Pleasure) by Urban Sprawl on Summer Promo 2023 (Not On Label) New Local
  16. Outer Space is Boring by The Freak Accident on Outer Space is Boring (Not on Label) Local
  17. Tenderloin by Spiritual Cramp on Television (Self-Released) Local
  18. Hippy Sick by The Losers on LEASE ON LIFE "demo 3" (Willow House Records) Local
  19. True Self by Spitboy on Body Of Work (1990​-​1995) (Don Giovanni Records) Local
  20. Break
  21. Dreamlessnessless by Loma Prieta on Last (Deathwish) New Local