July 17, 2023


  1. I Leave You the Milky Way by Slim Whitman on EMI Country Masters: 50 Originals (Capitol Records)
  2. Sweet and Lovely by Russ Garcia and His Vocal Choir and Orchestra on Sounds in the Night (BMG Rights Group)
  3. Wild Poppies by Marilyn Buck on Wild Poppies: A Poetry Jam Across Prison Walls (Freedom Archives) Local
  4. Undone in Sorrow by Ola Belle Reed on Rising Sun Songs (Smithsonian Folkways)
  5. Ain’t the Reaping Ever Done? by Eddie Noack on Ain’t the Reaping Ever Done? (1962-76) (The Omni Recording Group)
  6. The Engulfed Cathedral by Isao Tomita on Snowflakes are Dancing (RCA Records)
  7. Tell It True by Kathy Heideman on Move With Love (Numero Group)
  8. The Worst is Yet to Come by Kay Adams on Wheels and Tears (Tower)
  9. Awakenings by Brendan Glasson on ‘The Reality of People’ and Other Works for Reed Organ (Debacle Records) Local
  10. Beneath the Forest Floor by Hildegard Westerkamp on Transformations (Empreinte DIGITALes)
  11. First and Last Waltz by Country Girl Kay on First and Last Waltz (Numero Group)
  12. Blues Stay Away From Me by The Delmore Brothers on 16 All-Time Favorite Songs (Gusto Recording Group)
  13. My Heart Cries for You by Elvis Presley on The Home Recordings (Sony Musical Entertainment)
  14. Reality Opposition by Christina Giannone on Reality Opposition (Room40)
  15. Could You Love Me (One More Time?) by The Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys on The Complete Mercury Recordings (Mercury Records)
  16. Living Sound, Patent Pending by Maryanne Amacher on Ohm: the Early Gurus of Electronic Music (Ellipsis Art)