1. Noising In The Rain III by Esplendor Geometrico on Comisario De La Luz: Blanco De Fuerza (Geometrik)
  2. The Fatal Impact by Dead Can Dance on Dead Can Dance (4AD)
  3. Patient by Corpus Delicti on Sylphes (Cleopatra)
  4. Parade by Magazine on Real Life (Virgin)
  5. Chaideinoi by Bel Canto on White-Out Conditions (Continuum)
  6. Achilles by Antena on Camino Del Sol (Numero Group)
  7. Rhythm Cage by Hunting Lodge on Nomad Souls (S/M Operations)
  8. Wein Aus Wien by Asmus Tietchens on Spät Europa (Bureau B)
  9. Intravenous by Nurse With Wound on Living Fear Of James Last (United Dairies)
  10. Heart Over Head by Sâada Bonaire on Sâada Bonaire (Captured Tracks)
  11. Come Here My Love by This Mortal Coil on Filigree & Shadow (4AD)
  12. By Your Grace by Beaver & Krause on In A Wild Sanctuary/Gardharva (Rhinos Entertainment)
  13. High Tension House by Dadamah on This is Not A Dream (Kranky)
  14. Undertow by Bruce Gilbert on Ex Nihilo (Editions Mego)
  15. Vampire II by NNHMN on Shadow in the Dark (K-Dreams)
  16. Steak Eating Boss by Man Is The Bastard on D.I.Y.C.D. (Deep Six)
  17. River of Fever by The Flesh Eaters on A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die (Slash)
  18. Quiet Life by Japan on Quiet Life (Sony)
  19. Synapse by Linea Aspera on Linea Aspera LP II (s/r)
  20. Care by SS-Say on The Hidden Tapes (Minimal Wave)
  21. The Passion of Lovers by Bauhaus on Mask (Beggars Banquet)
  22. Seven Years by Eyeless In Gaza on Photographs As Memories (Cherry Red)
  23. I-C Anything Processed by Das Ding on Missing Tapes (Minimal Wave)