Maniac Mansion


  1. Walk Around (Hang My Head) by Powerplant on Grass (Static Shock)
  2. What Was Wound by Unwound on New Plastic Ideas (Kill Rock Stars)
  3. Beaumont Road by The Vertical Slump on Oubliette (Blank Editions)
  4. Russian Berries but You're Quiet Tonight by Frog Eyes on The Folded Palm (Absolutely Kosher)
  5. Mary Ellen Claims by Tyvek on Mary Ellen Claims (X!)
  6. Noche De Terror by Davila 666 on Tan Bajo (In the Red)
  7. SImple Cure by Straw Man Army on SOS (D4MT)
  8. Ultraman by Labiators on 4 Track Recordings (Genderless)
  9. french by they are gutting a body of water on Destiny XL (Hunk of Plastic)
  10. Makes Me Think by Trementia on Almost Reach the Sun (BYM)
  11. Academy Fight Song by Mission of Burma on Signals, Calls and Marches (Ace of Hearts Records)
  12. No by Vivian Girls on Vivian Girls (Mauled By Tigers)
  13. Ghost Surfer by Merlinouz on Ghost Surfer/Haunted Sandcastles (self-released)
  14. Fever Dream by Launderette on Dressing for Pleasure (self-released)